" Not true. To inspect premises owned by the company does not want anybody's permission, must be present representatives of the company – and only (as well as the presence of witnesses). Mend all sorts of obstacles to law enforcement officials in their work (to prohibit access to premises, etc.) can not, it will only worsen your situation. If you have any objections, you can burn them in the protocol. The view that the exemption for computers necessarily need a court order – is also incorrect. A computer can be confiscated as evidence and no court approval is not needed (see Article 81 of the Code). The second myth. "If you block your computer starts, set the password in bios, and an inspection to say that you do not remember it, they can do nothing." Meaningless.

Password in the bios – no obstacle for an experienced specialist to work around it quite simply, there are many ways to do this. For example, can be found on the motherboard jumper to reset the bios, it is usually located next to the CMOS-battery or near the chip that says Dallas or Odin. If the jumper is disabled or soldered, it is enough to close with the power off for a few seconds to certain contacts chip bios – and all the parameters together with the password will reset. The third myth. "And we zashifruem partition containing pirated software, and let suffer!" Yes, indeed, so you can create a staff some of the internal organs of the problem.