Maybe this will be the best logic. The first – the fears, anxiety, uncertainty about the future. You know, in every case, especially in our wonderful country – Belarus and Russia, when it's an alarming thought – and what will happen tomorrow? This is especially felt in including addiction, even morally, on the external circumstances – government, bosses and the like. Now I somehow purple, who are in power there. I have not pulled all sorts of rumors, gossip, and newspaper horrors. I'm not sure that everything will be fine. I just know it. Speaking in relation to the film – it gave me such techniques as "negative control" and "Positive programming".

You know, here's an example. It turns out my ads. Calls is not enough. Manager is usual in such cases begins to lament that all bad. And if I think that everything is bad, then so be it. And technology allows me to not fall into these meditative razmyshlizmy. And everything is so right. The question arises, is quite natural.

What the movie controller does not watching? Was not looking. A man in a respectable age, their principles. Salary gets regularly. And so, in principle, satisfied. Well, lament … He has such a nature. The second – the accomplishment of his plans. In fact, earlier it was a problem. Now – No. If the decision is the first problem – the foundation, the second – is already building. I made some plans to life. Good, no doubt. But how often it is a fortune-telling and probabilistic nature! Like "things will work out if ….