Basque Country

The success of this operation would be crucial for the future. Thereafter, Franco’s troops could land a greater number of troops and in late 1936, the landing would be almost total. The Republicans understand that without foreign aid, could not long endure the onslaught of troops better disciplined as those of Franco. However, were hit hard with the refusal of Britain and France to participate, directly or indirectly in the war. Stanley Baldwin, British Prime Minister, he was opposed to any support because, in principle, wanted the war did not extend to other European countries. Leon Blum, French prime minister, also went the same way, obliged to decline because of strong opposition to any aid would be for the country. Blum had to cancel arms sales to Spain and made a new policy: The non-intervention.

a This As further tilted the balance towards the nationalist side. The policy of non-intervention (which folded almost every country in Europe), prevented any kind of help to the Spanish regime, for which virtually remained alone. Meanwhile the war continued. On August 5, 1936 Franco major African forces were ready to start the breakthrough that would lead them to Madrid. The main column, consisting of about 8. 000 men and commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Juan Yague left Seville that day. In less than a week, the brutal and forceful advancement of the national troops conquered Merida (Extremadura and central China) after an aggressive offensive than 300 miles inland.

When they arrive at Badajoz, the struggle becomes even more violent. But the best weapons of the rebels and troops to fight more precise in execution make the difference. By late afternoon of August 15, the victory was complete. Two thousand people are believed to have been killed by the rebels for his ties to Republicans. a Conquered the province of Extremadura, the nationalists are in contact with his troops in the north and the union of them is inevitable. On 3 September, the republican forces had lost the city of Talavera (Toledo province), Irun (Basque Country, bordering France) and Aragon. Government, quite worried, prepared an offensive to the best of their available forces. Missing the South and the North to fall, the fence should prevent nationalist forces them to a fight, a specialist in history, with extensive experience in research on global wars and conflicts.