Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero are the couple of the moment. They have become the symbol of love, after the passionate kiss that we gave in South Africa and that has become the envy of many. But are they compatible astrologically? Let’s see what the stars have to say. Sara Carbonero was born on 3 February. Those born on this day tend to be very professional and people with a great sense of the opportunity that enables them to make decisions at the right time. They are witty, original and adore novelty therefore have a great capacity for adapting to the changes. Sara is represented by the third card of the major arcana, the Empress, which symbolizes the creative energy.

She is the woman perfect, ultra feminine and elegant. Something that Sara is obvious. Iker Casillas was born on 20 May. Those born on this day put passion into everything they do (as it has been shown), besides having a very analytical mind and a great mental agility. They are fun and outgoing, love to travel and are enthusiastic. The qualities of both makes them, at a glance, in a perfect couple.

They confirm the Astros this apparent compatibility? We must bear in mind that it is Aquarium and he is Taurus, and know that the compatibility between these signs is very low. Taurus and Aquarius Taurus love compatibility look for simplicity and practicality, while Aquarius goes against the rules and always looking for new approaches. Taurus is resistant to change and Aquarium prefers to adapt and enjoy the new times. The possessive and conservative side of Taurus collides with the innovative Aquarium and their desire for freedom. However, Iker is a Taurus on May 20 near the sign of Gemini so the influence of this sign will be remarkable in their personality. Compatibility in love of Gemini and Aquarius Aquarius and Gemini are highly compatible, what is more, it is one of the most compatible Zodiac couples, since both have the same expectations of life. They enjoy together chatting for hours, going out with friends, share hobbies and interests. The tensions that arise between them can tar will increas the interest of one by the other, because both signs like an ingredient of excitement in his life. Freedom of the Aquarium, so valued by this sign, will not be poor by Gemini because this also adores to be independent. Moreover, the originality of Aquarius love Geminis. Therefore, I Marina, astrologer of Astro welfare give you the congratulations for his love for Iker and Sara, and I wish you much happiness and to the stars they are favourable. Astro Astro well-being wellbeing is a new way of understanding and practicing astrology, tarot, and the science of well-being. In Astro welfare you can perform your free tarot Chuck, consult your astrological chart free, know the horoscope of the month through videos of Selena Ruiz on Astro TV, and keep abreast of the latest trends in natural therapies and astrology Astro magazine.