Armed Forces

This measure is part of Program Operations of the Armed Forces of Peru with Foreign Armed Forces 2009. This rule will allow the Fourth Fleet U.S. Navy uses the Peruvian ports to refuel in the middle of their patrols on the Pacific Ocean. Income is to Approve U.S. military armed tactical training missions and information support, as published in La Primera. E l bench spokesman of the PNP, the legislature Fredy Otarola, said this situation a worrying, because they are giving all the conditions to install a U.S. base in the country. a For just one example, the globalization of the economy has impacted almost all sectors of the country increased the vicissitudes of the population, the Free Trade Agreement to accelerate the privatization of the economy and the massive influx of transnational corporations in the country at the same time the masses will be affected by higher unemployment and lack of social, undermining national sovereignty and putting in the hands of U.S.

multinationals, a la national economy, pushing to ruin agricultural sectors, the agricultural market opening will destroy the meat industry and its derivatives, as well as rice, corn. , To wipe out domestic agricultural production stripped of their jobs to large groups of peasants who are forced to move to large cities or continue on the path to enhance their crops to achieve their precarious livelihoods. What the FTA will establish is in fact a sort of "struggle for life" to a successful negotiation will only be achieved to the extent sufficient clarity on the opportunities and threats for each sector and on the strategic objectives that define the country and the sacrifices they are willing to do to reach them is important to know whether NAFTA really fits the parameters of the "free market", at least in the traditional versions.