Aquarium Fish

How long live aquarium? This question bothers perhaps any aquarist. Answered unequivocally, calling a certain number of years, it is impossible, because the duration of the aquarium depends on many factors, including hydrochemical processes in water and soil. Aquarium is micromodel gidroekosistemy. And despite the many differences between the natural pond and aquarium, the basic laws of their general, and in many respects similar processes under. About the law of the ecosystem can be summarized as follows; any ecosystem can not exist forever, going through three stages conditionally allocated development (formation, sustainable development, degradation), is transformed into another ecosystem. For clarity, we consider this process as an example of conditional lake. With the emergence of life in it constantly accumulates bottom precipitation associated with the death of animals and plants.

Part of the sediment flowing into rivers and brought rains that wash various substances from the land. Gradually shallower lake, the concentration of nutrients in it increases. The population of the lake is becoming "richer", but not at the expense of new species, but due to rapid growth in the number of dominant forms. Simultaneously, the flora and fauna falls representatives that the most demanding to clean water. Lake even more shallower and underwater plants of the coastal zone (nymphs potamogetony, hornwort, etc.) grow toward the center until it would cover the entire area. Then begins the attack surface plants (reed, bulrush, cattail, etc.) and a gradual eutrophication of the reservoir. Thus the transition from one ecosystem (lake) to another (the swamp).