Another Of Good And Bad

Today goes from pirates. Since we still have the issue of the Alakrana recent, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter. Of course, first and most importantly, express my joy at the release of the entire crew. It is a satisfaction to know that despite the evil drink, they are unharmed with their families. And from here, we need to talk. First, comment on a detail.

As I understand, the Alakrana, as in his day the Playa de Bakio, was also captured, didn’t Spanish flag at the time of his capture. Like many other ships of the Basque country, they raise the flag of their community. To me this is not me nor comes to me seems wrong in principle. Each carrying the flag you want, but that is consistent. According to maritime law, any ship will sail under the flag of one State and will remain under the protection of that State which must guarantee their safety on the high seas. Protection, or in this case the rescue should be negotiated with the Government concerned to the Woodland flag. Of course, I understand that the Spanish Government handle the issue, but it seems to me a great hypocrisy by the shipowners.

Not should the Lehendakari have been responsible to negotiate or provide the necessary protection in this case?. Regardless of these issues are not really relevant, is interesting to see how we deal with the situation. During the kidnapping crisis, so that I could read and listen we do not agree. If we negotiate, badly because we send a message of weakness and sat a precedent after which we can expect more kidnappings. If not negotiate, wrong because we are not protecting our people, which is inadmissible. If paid, badly. If no pay, too. If stop a couple of pirates, bad for endangering the abductees.