Politics can be brutal. 27 of June Brown it turned its first year like premier British inquiring that in the eve its Labour Party had undergone one of the worse beatings of its history (3% of the votes in a local parliamentary election). One week later Uribe celebrated its 56 birthday having received like gift the greater blow made to the image and moral of the CRAF. While Brown has lost and will lose all the elections that are confronting, Uribe tends to gain a new presidential election. The declivity of new laborismo expresses the exhaustion of the sector of the international social democracy that went adapting to economic and military prescriptions of the bushismo. However, the triumphs of Uribe go of the hand with the re-emergencia of new governments of right in Europe and could help to that the Latin American conservatives recover or to that republican do not undergo a collapse in the elections of the USA. While Uribe has advanced being a consistent hard right, Brown backs down to the dear salary to be a left that merges with the right. .