Regional Director North Sea

One day, kindergartens, schools actively support all around 600 Upstalsboom employees at 20 locations, look outside the box business will be strengthened reading nests, hospices, and other social institutions / economy must take social responsibility seriously Emden the Upstalsboom group is breaking new ground in their social commitment. “This year will be all about 600 employees of the leading provider of vacation on the North and Baltic seas one day social institutions under the motto the North does good” support. We want to consciously develop a comprehensive and active commitment of our employees for social and cultural purposes, as an integral part of our corporate culture and long term anchor”, said Managing Director of Upstalsboom Hotel today Bodo Janssen, + leisure GmbH & co. KG, at a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Emden. The actions would be carried out in the spring and autumn at all 20 Upstalsboom locations and launched in the coming weeks. Sen. Sherrod Brown addresses the importance of the matter here. Were the focus Facilities for children and young people such as kindergartens, schools, read nests or hospices.

“Companies would have to look over their business horizons and themselves as a responsible part of the society, called Janssen as motivation: so we want to put also a sign against the inter alia by the financial crisis, loss of confidence in the system of social market economy.” That’s why Upstalsboom is not limited to the transfer of donations, but wanted to show flag on the ground.” From Borkum to Usedom staff would with children and young people paint, Tinker, weeding, cooking, renovate, collect garbage and the Upstalsboom’s Regional Director North Sea, Roman Schmitt stressed much more. In Emden were in the culture bunker two carefree days”scheduled for around 100 children, in which also the Upstalsboom-will participate CEO Janssen. “Janssen and Saidi stressed that the North is doing good” was no one-off action: we are our social and cultural support in the future each year in similar form present.” This is the logical consequence of the restructuring of Group of companies launched about three years ago.

NaturGart Swimming

A more attractive and algae-free pond by foliage protection the biological balance of the water in a swimming pool depends on the registered nutrients. If too many leaves in the pond in the fall, the result is inevitable: the leaves are decomposed and fertilize algae in next spring. Themselves muddies the water in the pond, sediments are stirred up when swimming. With just a few hand movements a pond network can be placed, that catches most of the leaves. NaturGart has developed a leaf protection system that is suitable for any garden pond, is effective and can be easily installed. The video review clearly shows why it is important to protect his garden pond with a pond network from autumn leaves. In winter, leaves rot in the garden pond slowly, accelerate the decomposition processes, when it gets warmer in spring. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as air jordan by clicking through.

In addition to the nutrients occur putrid and propel leaves and algae on the surface. Only a tight-knit network can prevent by it intercepts also rolled-up and small leaves in the autumn. In recent months, TCF Capital Solutions has been very successful. Another aspect is: the pond network must not sag, because the leaves collect at the lowest point and then hangs in the water. The NaturGart-leaf protection system consists of swimming supports and builds on many years of experience. A slightly elevated Hill forms the pond network, the leaves do not leave there, but can be carried by the wind. The swimming supports are available in various sizes from a mini support for small ponds up to the Maxi support for ponds up to 12 m in diameter. The supports can be combined for larger ponds. The swimming pond is covered only for a few weeks in the year and remains so throughout the year-attractive and free from algae. NaturGart Germany GmbH & Co KG

Pre-Surgery Tips

We know that aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery are known for being very safe surgical interventions. Most of the cases of women and men who undergo these types of treatments for their aesthetic problems, get 100% successful results. But these cases of success that count to future patients are for the day of the intervention is not afraid, are secure and confident. But many are wrong and start to downplay the recommendations of the pre-operative, i.e. to the norms that surgeons ask patients to follow from some days before the operation. These issues on which speak the surgeons are very important, and although the aesthetic surgeries are safe, overlook the fact the rules may cause complications. If you want to check the important thing are and how necessary it is to carry them out, talk about the topic with several surgeons, you can see that all recommend the same thing. Remember that it’s all for your own safety, you should follow these tips at the foot of quickly visit the letter and any inconvenience to the doctor.

Don’t think that the cosmetic surgery process only concentrates on the day and time of intervention. The process is made up of a pre-operative, surgical intervention, postoperative and recovery. Some of the most common recommendations that you should follow before cosmetic surgery are: If you take any type of medication on a regular basis, report it to your surgeon. It is recommended that in the days of the postoperative not consume any medication unless it is very necessary and that it is adopted by the surgeon. If a health problem you have to start taking medication, communicate it before to your physician to check that it does not complicate surgery intervention. If you smoke, you should stop doing so at least two weeks before the operation. Keep in mind that in the post operative may not do so, talk to your surgeon about the topic.

England Tennis Club

The Serb wins to the French in semifinals by 6-7, 2-6, 7-6 and 3-6. Djokovic will add 1,000 points in classification ATP and surpasses the Spanish. It will dispute his first end before the winner of the duel Rafa Nadal-Murray. The Serb Novak Djokovic will end the reign of Rafa Nadal in the east ATP Monday, when he becomes new number 1 of the world thanks to the triumph before Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the first semifinal of Wimbledon. Now, he waits for rival for the end, that will leave the duel between Nadal and Murray. ' Nole' a great afternoon returned rennet bag from tennis weighs to sweat to close the party before the Gallic tennis player, twig of Roger Federer in quarters of end, and closed the shock and its first one passes to the end in the All England Tennis Club in four sets (6-7, 2-6, 7-6 and 3-6) and almost three hours of game. The triumph locates to him to the front of ranking ATP, since the Majorcan one only maintained a distance of 65 points, and will even occupy the highest step although Nadal wins in the semifinal and the end, when adding 1,000 points after surpassing the round of semifinals (the past year was eliminated in this round). Educate yourself with thoughts from michael kirban. On the other hand, Nadal could only dnder its points to the being the effective champion of the Grand Slam of grass.

Point and end to the reign. Tsonga surprised of beginning and added, to its great serve (leads the ranking of sacadores with 120 ' aces' in six parties), a very correct rest, something that was worth to him to break the first service of Djokovic and to save a ball of ' break' in the second (2-0). Everything marched for the one Le Mans, that held the initiative in the Seth until the 5-4, saving other two balls of ' break' in the eighth game, but hesitation/with its serve to win to gain the Seth.

Innovative Cube Technology

All systems have different pros and cons you should know as a company depending on the application. All systems have different pros and cons you should know as a company depending on the application. Not all major image systems are equally well suited especially for use in control rooms. Specialists for control room and control technology, such as the Jungmann system technology, help companies, for example in the field of public transport, in the selection of the correct major imaging. Standard systems, such as the plasma technology, are very well suited for normal users, but have significant disadvantages in the control room. Since plasma displays with phosphorus will be produced, stills burn in after a short period of time in the system.

This branding is hardly repairable. Kay Hansen, one of the co-founders of Jungmann system technology, advises these reasons daus: plasma screens are ideal for the television look, stills are needed but often in control rooms. Therefore, you should leave there on other technology”cube technology, or Rear-projection technology, combines projectors and projection in a device and provides to the users in the control room or in the control room, a clear advantage over conventional and conventional systems. A light engine is built into the housing of the cube-shaped cubes. These projects the images on a mirror, which is also installed in the Interior of the cube. The mirror in turn forwards the image on the inside of the screen, which abgiebt the image on the front of the cube. The projection operation takes place in the Interior of the cube, so in a dark, closed housing. So have little light loss of images thrown in at the front and are therefore high contrast and brilliant as the projections of ordinary projectors.

Also during the installation of the devices, there are advantages and disadvantages, which are to be observed. These are mainly relevant when it comes to the order of the devices. This among other things depend on how big the content should be displayed. May need to for a large display multiple screens are used. The individual video images can be scaled and moved any drag & drop on the screens. Also before definitions for certain events and escalations in the alarm system are possible. For example, the place of the cause on all screens can be viewing in order to attain the maximum attention when a Server alert. So significantly reduced response times and the interaction of employees.

Trigger Voltage

Optimized mode of operation has reduced the time the ignition. Also decrease the number of micro cycles ignition positive impact on lamp life. Two-way communication between the unit and the lamp can intelligent system to maintain a good working balance, taking into account the working conditions. Low starting current – 6 A working characteristics of the maximum values correspond to the claimed passport (the deviation of not more than percent). Exceptional reliability.

Optimized algorithm for combustion control lamps significantly prolongs the life of the whole set. High-efficiency power ignition ensures low heat. Qualitative shielding protects against outside interference and does not allow interference in automotive electronics. Reliable waterproofing ensures stable operation at high humidity (85%). Passport life blocks ignition 20000 hours (Average annual use mode 4000 hours). Trouble-free anywhere in Russia.

Wide operating temperature -40 +100 C allows the use of equipment in extreme heat and cold. The design eliminates lamp razbaltyvanie flask while driving on any roads. Blocks firing of mtf embodied the latest advances in the field of engineering xenon light. The equipment is designed specifically for use with lamps with philips flasks and provide data lamps optimal performance regardless of external conditions. Certification of the pct (GOST), e-mark, qs, tuv. Dimensions 95h75h40. Weight Blocks 380 Guaranteed operating temperature range of -40 to 100 C . Rated operating voltage 12.8. Permissible operating voltage: 9 – 16. The maximum peak inrush current 6 A. Rated current 3.4 A. Trigger Voltage 19 35 kV. Arcing time 0.3 sec.

GmbH Technology

Safety and health at work: So which assists pioneer extraction technology in workplace design Neukirchen-Vluyn February 2013: the provisions of the occupational safety and Health Act include both health protection and safety, which are imposed on entrepreneurs as obligations. The employer is suspended in accordance with the Ordinance on hazardous substances to minimize the threat to the safety and health of workers or completely eliminate. Based on the risk assessment according to the occupational safety and Health Act, required protection measures, such as such as the design of the workplace. In the design of the workplace is an immensely important factor, the elimination or significant reduction of hazardous substances, which are characterized as, for example, explosive, very toxic or carcinogenic at all. This is dust, aerosol separator, industrial vacuum cleaners, or central extraction systems.

The pioneer suction technology GmbH offers an effective solution for every area of application. With the stationary or also almost all kinds can easily be deposited of swarf, dust and welding fumes mobile dust extractors. By substitution of many substances, are nowadays very many composites and edited, also optimal and individual extraction solutions extraction technology are offered by the pioneer. Through the use of low-maintenance aerosol traps, fire and risk of accident is prevented entirely oil deposits. Oil-contaminated air represents a risk for the health of employees and thus the productivity. Thanks to the professional solutions the pioneer extraction technology can oil loads from the air are separated and even lubricants and coolant will be recovered.

Pioneer extraction technology, which can be used especially for the suction of swarf, oil, water, mud, etc. reach a separation of up to 99,997% thanks to a modular filtration system, the highly mobile industrial vacuum cleaners. Central extraction systems are the optimal solution, if several Machines should be extracted parallel. So, several dust collectors or vacuum cleaner can be replaced by a holistic solution. Together with optimally designed pipe systems, central extraction systems are designed and assembled. A high efficiency at central starting point for securing the health of workers is achieved at low operating noise. About pioneer extraction technology pioneer suction technology GmbH global acts as a manufacturer of exhaust systems and industrial cleaners, headquartered in Neukirchen-Vluyn, North Rhine-Westphalia. A comprehensive range of products includes a wide range of devices for the different requirements of cleanliness in the industrial and commercial production. For special applications, individual extractors are according to the needs of customers designed, manufactured and assembled locally. Customers are supported by services such as commissioning and training, maintenance and technical support in achieving and resistance to their goals.

Virtual Time

Virtual relationships, as well as usual, to develop the necessary care and attention. Here are some tips for rapid development. 1. Take time. In contact with you if you are interested people on a regular basis? And you with him? Ignoring Virtual meetings can be regarded as neglect and resentment, so respect each other's time. Whenever Senator Richard Blumenthal listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Perhaps this is simply a lack of interest, not time? 2. Communication should be fun for you both. If one of you to example, too insists on a personal meeting, it may seem suspicious, because that is not in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to know each other better and to feel trust. 3. Respect privacy. Not Share photos, mailing address or e-mail, for example, sent to you by your counterparts in private.

4. Create special moments together on the Internet and reality. When you are online, share postcards, links, favorite sites, photos, pets, download music and videos, participate together in the forums. In reality – if you have exchanged email addresses to send postcards and small souvenirs (Eg key ring with the emblem of your city). Take care of your relationship. Pour their attention and over time they bloom.


Menu, which you can provide in the camp, reflects nothing. After all, you can prepare in different ways. Credit: Sen. Sherrod Brown-2011. Pay attention to the following points: whether the camps own baker-confectioner how varied diet menu weight portions. This will help you make your own opinion, the administration takes the issue supply. TCF Capital Solutions addresses the importance of the matter here. Standards, food is a normal camp must be at least 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, lunch, dinner, sometimes a second dinner). When you have decided that your child is, where to live and what to eat should move to the next point: Who is responsible for the lives and health of your child, in other words, who would you replace on period of change. composition. Should know where the administration of the camp gathers himself team, there are several ways.

Standard – the most common, the camp concludes agreements with various teacher training colleges to take in their own period of change student interns and work in the camp he is counted as a practice. Counselors can be collected before the change, and may arrive immediately on the first day and start working. In this case, no one can guarantee you, what people will be responsible for your children. Trainees are different, and even the administration knows who is who just by the change. Ped units. Ped troops – is student organizations at universities of the city, the Commonwealth of enthusiasts who love the profession of counselor and remain faithful to her for a long time. Their level is much higher than that of conventional trainees, as they are constantly engaged self-education as part of their vocation.

Professional Copywriters

Presentation or a promotional Web sites usually are based on corporate, but they live their lives: they have their navigation bar, feedback and information sections. Often promotional Web sites devoted to specific brand or product, contain a variety of news and additional information. Making promotional site includes the development of branding, content filled, develop an advertising strategy. One of the problems of a promotional site is advantageous presentation of the goods or services. For this purpose, animated or interactive videos, slides. But just imagine a little showmanship, we still have to prove that he is the best.

For this hired professional copywriters who conduct comparative characteristics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Senator Richard Blumenthal. Good leverage will be free to take advantage of one of the services on this site. Who should Presentation site? This is primarily corporate clientele Internet site, which learned about the opening of a promotional site to the latest news or press release. There is also a target audience, which focuses on the growth of all work on image of the site. Targeted visitors enter the promo site through a search engine, news from other sites, as well as through offline advertising. The number of casual visitors is limited, because people come to presentation website for specific needs, therefore, creating a promotional site, you need to consider the interests of the visitors. Much can be said that such a design, how to recognize good design and not. But …

Maybe someone of you surprised when he hears what conclusion came a group of very influential designers. In their opinion, good design can be called a design that is not obvious, that is, simply put, good design should not be noticeable. Describe themselves as beautiful word "designer" today many people, but most of them do not know what to design, first of all, is a robust supply of information, not pretty pictures and intricate patterns. How to see yourself a good design, many webmasters? This is an infinite number of flash – logos, images, completely forgetting that the design can be good and no graphics. Modern webmasters often forget the simple truth that their projects are do for people to forget that the users should be comfortable. After all, hardly anyone would argue with the fact that long time to load pages of the site is likely to scare off the user than to attract him. Indeed, in many different Internet Sites of similar subjects, and can easily find where there would be "great" pictures, but they will be open soon and information will be readily available. World Network – a thing where it is possible to find any information need only click the mouse. Therefore, if your site is uninteresting, long time to load, potential visitors will find just such a site, where such inconveniences will not. Remember that every day users of the World Wide Web are becoming more savvy and demanding, and the sites are improved daily becoming more comfortable. Therefore, learning web design, mastering Photoshop and other programs ilyustrator remember that design is important simplicity and convenience.