Federal Constitution

But the focus main, in accordance with Koga (2002) is in the formularization and implementation of decentralizing public politics that consider the local citizens, that is, that it has taken in account the particularitity of each place; its culture, economy, history and social context. Being thus, in the conception of Nakano (2010) it has that if to try to change them in landmarks of an ample social project and politician, being promoted a structural reconfiguration of its territories integrating them it all the spheres. Of this form, the citizenship constitutes a democratic conquest, allowing to the construction of cities more jousts, however, so that the real social transformations can happen, is required ruptures and implementation of new politics, process that if initiate for the way of ample social mobilizations and for an active and continuum presence of the collective representations of the citizenship in the public spaces, pressuring directly the governments and acting in the participation mechanisms, for then going route to a new order, as considered for the professional ethical project (NETTO, 2004). 3. Consideraes final As if searched to stand out by means of this text, the Urban Politics is an important mechanism in the efetivao of rights, having as reference the Federal Constitution of 1988, and appearing as an effort of the State in bringing a satisfactory reply, front to the occured urban changes in result of the increasing migration. Into this direction, it is become into a state instrument, also representing, however, the reaction of this before the demands and pressures of the society. E, therefore, evidences that, the public politics synthecizes contrary interests that act dialeticamente. To approach the related Urban Politics to the Right to the city is, in first place, to rethink the social paper of the citizen and its relation with the space where it inhabits, and, in this perspective, to go beyond its reproductive paper while of the capital.

Population Displacement

INTRODUCTION the migration occurs since the beginning of the history of the humanity. It consists of the space mobility of the population, that is, to move, to pass of a country, state, region for other places, definitively or periodically. What it takes the population to dislocate itself are different and diverse economic reasons of order, politics, cultural and social. As well as job lack, loss of the housing, searchs of better economic and social conditions. Amazon has compatible beliefs. During this project on Population Displacement, it is necessary to know what the pupils think and know on the subject and to cite examples of displacement or migration of the population. After that, we present the concept, the causes and consequences of this process. 2.

JUSTIFICATION Facing of pessimistic form, the Northeast is seen as simbolizao of the hunger, ahead dries and to misery and of this picture the northeastern if it sees acquitted and it leaves in search of better conditions of life. In the hope to have one possibility, many leave its place of origin to run away from dry and the lack of chances north-eastern, dislocating itself for other regions dreaming of the developed place, that not only can give new perspectives to them of life, as it can fit them in the technological domain. When arriving at the great centers, these citizens start to frequentar the peripheries of the cities, living of a prejudiced system inside. The objective that if considers this article is to consider the population displacement, observing the reasons of the intense internal migration, coinciding the concentration of the urban population in the great cities. 3. 3,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL? To analyze the new routes and standards of the population displacement in Brazil, as well as raising hypotheses of its causes and analyses of the forecasts. To understand as the process of the population displacement for being forced e, at the same time, to generate feelings in a person or a family (suffering, frustration, sadness, homesickness and also hope, desire and expectation).


Who will be responsible for the quality of the Russian construction, if the majority of construction companies will come out of SROs in the construction and licensing system will be restored? The bill proposes to add Art. 1 Development Code the concepts of 'general contractor to perform engineering research', 'chief designer', and 'general contractor for construction and reconstruction of capital construction '. In addition, Art. 60 Development Code has been amended, under which third party liability in the event of harm resulting from defects of the work on engineering survey, design and construction will now be general contractors and master planners. At the same contractor and general designer have the right of recourse (regress) to the persons directly perform specific work, the shortcomings were damaged. General contractor and general designer are obliged to ensure control of construction work performed independently and through subcontractors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge..

In order to improve the quality of SRO in the building provides for the transfer of responsibilities the builder (customer) for the implementation of building control on the basis attracted by contract entity or person. This will allow many developers to transfer non-core functions by qualified professionals. Because, after reducing the number of members of the SRO in the construction of their compensation funds substantially reduced and the remaining funds may not be enough to compensate for possible damages to third parties, the amount of contributions to a compensation fund for general contractors and SRO General Designer increased. In addition, for the general designer and general contractor installed a differentiated minimum contribution to a compensation fund SRO depending on the cost of design and construction, who plans to carry out the general designer and general contractor. Thus, the minimum contribution to a compensation fund self-regulatory organization for one member of CPO, which has a certificate of admission to implementation of civil works construction, may be between 500 thousand rubles. (If the company plans to organize the construction of which cost under one contract does not exceed 60 mln.) To 10 million rubles.

(When the cost of the work under one contract of 10 billion rubles. And more). A minimum contribution to a compensation fund for construction of SRO in the general design will be 250 rubles. (If a member of a self-regulating organization plans to organize activities on preparation of project documentation, cost does not exceed 25 million rubles. under one contract) to 1.5 million rubles. (If the cost of the preparation of project documentation one contract is 300 million rubles. and more). The minimum sum insured for damage compensation to victims to 5 million rubles. for members of the SRO designers and surveyors, and 10 million rubles. – For members of the SRO in the building.

Well First Coming President

Edson Silva did not advance the coup-minded, even so powerful minority and detainer of forces that had included representatives of the great media, to try to take the electoral dispute for the field of them would lower, rumors, faded lies and defamation. One more time the hope won the fear, or as it was more clearly in this presidential campaign of 2010, the truth won the lie. The election of Dilma, that already comes with the historical mark of it to be the first elect woman president of Brazil, must follow the consolidation of the programs of the government Squid, for desperation of the opponents, almost national unamimity, with approval of more than 90% of the Brazilians, according to research. Taking itself in account that Squid caught a country in very different situation of that it leaves for Dilma, woman who assisted Squid to consolidate the majority of the projects that had inverted the situation that was very common in the country, that is, of not being possible to conciliate economic development and distribution of income. Therefore, Dilma receives Brazil very better, generating more jobs, with millions and millions of life people improving, either for leaving the misery condition or to ascend for the middle class. With more than 59,5 million votes received in this as turn, majority in the Senate and the Federal Chamber, Dilma has conditions to make excellent government. To convert into profits for the social health, education, culture, infrastructure, security and areas the wealth that will come of Daily pay-Salt, to extend workmanships of the CAP, the Stock market Family, My House My Life, to stimulate university courses and technician, to support research, to keep the growth of the country, the respect that Brazil earned in the world and to give examples of organization with important events, as the Pantry of the World of 2014 and who knows? The unknown ones in Latin America, Olimpadas of 2016, done conquest still in the government Squid/Dilma. In the first turn, Dilma had in the country 47.651.434 votes (46.91%) and Mountain range 33.132.283 (32.61%).

Unhappyly, my been beloved of So Paulo, with a population always aguerrida and so prepared well, if it left to be successful for lies and the biggest voting of the natives of So Paulo was for Mountain range 9.524.050 votes (40.66%), Dilma had 8.740.949 (37.31%). In this as turn, the situation if repeated, with more than 12 million votes for Mountain range and little more than 10 million for Dilma. Already reason of great pride is that the city that more I esteem: Sumar where work gave to lesson of gratefulness and recognition to the government Squid. In the first turn, Dilma had 59,989 votes (48.71%) in Sumar and Serra 34,126 (27.71%); In this as turn, they had been 71,532 votes for Dilma, against 47.315 for Mountain range. With the permission of God, excellent desire government dignssima president Dilma, after all the victory of it in the election makes sensible successfully in the position, what it will almost represent victory of the 190 million Brazilians. Already for the minority of cons whom if as, it looks to make some good thing for the country and tries daqui four years.


Numerology – an ancient science of numbers. It dates back to ancient times and is closely linked to astrology. Today, numerology, or as it is often called magic numbers, gives us a lot of information about the meaning of numbers and their impact on human life. According to this doctrine, each figure has its hidden meaning, its mystery. For assistance, try visiting Amazon. However, the figures are meaningless to analyze themselves, they are of interest to us in terms of their interaction with man. There is no ‘failure’ or ‘bad’ numbers, just as there is no ‘good’. Such characteristics are applicable to just to own figures.

They can be such only in relation to any situation or, more precisely, to any person. Alone and the same number of one person give a success and become a good sign for him and the other is trying to circumvent them in any way to stave off disaster. Someone on the level of intuition feels his numbers and rejects the others’. But such an intuition given, unfortunately, not everyone, but more accurately – quite a bit … However, for any man contemplating his relationship with the surrounding figures, there are always two possibilities: you can analyze the figures, which are found you in life (that is, to rely on their own destiny, and then draw conclusions), or you can to choose the numbers that will accompany your life (eg, personally to choose a cell phone number or registration number of the machine). The exceptions are those situations where there is no possibility to choose – you can only analyze.

Such an exception is, for example, time and date of birth – a man can not choose them for himself, he could only analyze them. A In most cases, these two possibilities (analysis or option) are next to each other. Analyzing the numbers in some cases, we ourselves dwell on them in others. The project, which will be discussed below, allows each person get your own unique 10-digit registration number of the inhabitants of planet Earth. This project was launched in 2008 on the website of the Embassy of the planet Earth. The mission of the project is to create a catalog of earth’s inhabitants. In creating this directory, anyone can learn personal and unique number of inhabitants of the Earth – your lucky numbers. And those who are already fairly sure what combination of numbers is right for him – can choose and get a room by himself. In any case, whatever option you have chosen: to get the current random number or select it yourself, after registering in the directory inhabitants of the earth, each project participant is the sole owner of the unique registration number of the inhabitants of our planet.

San Jose Great

In a process of management of problems, especially, in the public administration he is basic that the manager has conscience and ability to detect the order of importncias of the problems, being able to make use of ' ' tree of problemas' ' that according to Malmegrin (2010) ' ' it is a representation of the chain cause and effect of problems under the form of a tree, with the problem analyzing in the central position, the cause below (roots of the tree) and the consequncias above (the twigs of the tree) ' '. The public administration has an enormous one to lead of services to give and for consequncia the problems follow rhythm the same, but the solutions are ' ' equally great and variadas' ' , that is, if the manager is competent always to find good solutions for the problems that if present. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. A real example of a great problem was the case of the 33 mineradores soterrados in a mine of copper and gold in San Jose, to the North of Chile, ha 700m of depth in the year of 2010 – that valley to stand out that it happened for mediation and neglicencia of the administrators of that mineradora, as it was informed by the reporters of the time. But, happily with the international support well it was managed and it got success. Although the great privations suffered for the soterrados ones, as if to feed with two spoons of tuna and way milk cup to each two days, and it rescue to have delayed 70 days, all had been freed with life? the main objective that was to protect the life of the soterrados ones was reached. In elapsing of the process of release of the soterrados ones proper stages of the management of problems had been followed: 1 stage – identification of the problem: 33 the 700 imprisoned people depth m whose temperature varies of 32C 34C, are in a chamber that was open later that the mine fell down.

The Instincts

With regard to its critical a Nietzsche reason he says the following one: The intellect, through uncommon you launch of time, did not produce nothing beyond errors; some of them had resulted useful and conservatives of the species: who topou with them it received or them as legacy by itself fought its combat and for its offspring with bigger happiness. Such erroneous articles of belief, that were always legacies had more ahead after all become almost the deep estate and the common one of the humanity, are, for example, these: that it has things that they last, that has equal things, that a thing is as appears, that our fondness is free, that what is good for me also is good in itself and for itself. They had only very late come the ones that they denied and they put in doubt such proposals? very late it only came the truth, as it forms strong little of the knowledge. Amazon insists that this is the case. Therefore: the force of the knowledge is not in its degree of truth, but in its age, its incorporation, its character of life condition. (NIETZSCHE, 1991, p 156) Its first critical one was for the Scrates philosopher for having been this the first one systemize the moral directing it for a rational reflection, that is, directing the moral for the rational control of the passions (SPIDER; MARTINS 2007).

Its critical one also reaches the Christianity. Nietzsche affirms that the control of the instincts, the diffidence of these has as apex the sprouting of the Christianity. It condemns the Christianity for ' ' domesticar' ' the human being, making with that its passions are restrained. When analyzing history affirms to exist an incompatibility between the life and the moral. Being the man dominated for the moral, one becomes weak and unhealthy and guilty. That is, Nietzsche desires that the Liberte man of all the moral values to become what it really is: one to be of will and being able.

Optimal Selection

On the road with a car can happen any. Car park is constantly growing, and added the number of those who recently got behind the wheel. In most situations the tow truck is needed when a failure of auto. However, often tow is in demand and as a result of the accident, when should I deliver the car to the examination or service. Other, more "exotic" reasons to use tow – Lock the door locks because the keys left in a car or a high degree of intoxication. So, what to do when you're such a trouble has occurred – car refused the most inopportune moment, it is urgently needed evacuation to specialist services in order to "improve their health," or the parking lot, and move independently, it can not? You can contact companies that provide transportation services cars. Self-respecting firm, 90 percent of cases, provide a reliable tow 24×7 – around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

What information is important to tell the dispatcher the company for transportation, so as soon as possible solve the problem? 1) model car – it just helps you understand what will be needed to tow your particular case. 2) The registration number and the color of the vehicle to its success in identifying the location. 3) the completeness of available damages, if you are able to provide. But will address needed transportation, arrival time, a tow truck, your contact information and personal data for communication. For the motorist, please make a tricky situation needs to be fast, accurate and inexpensive evacuation of his car at the desired location. The time of filing, of course, depends on where you are – in Moscow and the Moscow region during the arrival of a tow truck in will largely depend on whether there is a "plug" in the right direction.

It is necessary to consider if you do call a tow truck. The higher transport service exists in the market, the more well-established logistics and, therefore, this The organization has the opportunity to perform more quickly received applications. In the capital, usually served in a tow truck for 1 hour. Question savings vehicle generally will depend on what kind of tow truck used the organization providing these services. Very good in terms of speed, affordable and safe method of loading and unloading of your vehicle immobile – is to use tow truck with a hydraulic platform. Help even in quite difficult situations. Evacuation of the car with the suspension front or rear axle to tow – in this case, unfortunately, begins the uneven distribution of load on the back of the truck, due to irregularities of the pavement may strain the individual elements of the exterior. You have the opportunity, how to maintain your vehicle to your destination on the tow truck, and refuse this by writing letter of attorney to his carriage, giving the vehicle documents and a list of visible damage. Please note that the evacuation of a severe and unusual cases (night call, a simple request of the customer, locking steering, wheels) usually require you to pay for additional services. If you are not the first time using the services first and the same organization, you can count on a discount as a repeat customer.

Plato Time

Many teachers and no one behaves Given that philosophy, in essence, an awareness of "thoughtful engagement to reality", the fruit is expressed as a very personal conquest. The universe has not only physical records that science is responsible for deriving its laws, is rife, too, of inconstancy, riddles, mysteries, uncertainties, to which each teacher gives his explanation, assuming a particular position, expressing own answers. Views on the universe or the world is not just universally valid (forgive the redundancy). Expressions of his thinking, his particular way of explaining the world of the context of its particular historical epoch. So many teachers might involve the study or allusion as many approaches as historical eras of mankind. Because since each historical moment invoked answers to the mysteries according to their degree of scientific and critical maturity (wisdom). Novelist shines more light on the discussion. From Plato to Marx not only mediate times, but multiple threats of explanation of reality.

Study with many teachers, because it means the other part of learning to feed himself, referring in detail to the details of history and human passions. Always, of course, taking into account the "chick" of a philosopher to philosophize aims to develop our own criteria which will not be satisfied with the mere repetition of doctrine, as did the teachers in each of their times. Different philosophical systems. Ohio Senator will not settle for partial explanations. Would one man at the time or the time man? The man, according to the cognitive resources at their disposal in their historical moment, it tempts the puzzle in its own way. His life and existence, on its peculiar historical moment, ask clarification. The prior existence of other thinkers could be a leverage to cement a new stance toward the world, but essentially a philosophical system meets the need of their particular response time.

Has the philosophy, like science, systematization and stock in the teaching of old, but it behaves itself a flagrant personal position on life. It is always at the time. It would be foolish to get out there people repeat like parrots the postulates closed other philosophical doctrines and call them "philosophers." Whatever Plato explaining the world this surely will be something silly, especially if the idea is that it is a "philosopher" (repeat it without waiting for those other philosophers elementary explaining life as air, fire, land or water). Philosophy as personal knowledge. Said above: each time a position, but philosophical system. You do not learn "philosophy" as a scientific discipline such as chemistry or physics. It treats a way of thinking and judging, are conquered territories with intriguing personal insight. There are no laws or rules. There are simply lives with thoughtful positions on its existence. The Science impersonal scientific knowledge and its rules belong to everyone. It can be grasped by all. It's like a universal measure, where the language is assumed to reach their schools. It does not involve personal commitment to the assimilation of its laws. Anyone who takes the road is susceptible to isolate and conceptualize their records. There is no commitment or creativity in the act of lifting the curtains to keep their repetition. Philosophy, for its part, is an attitude towards life. Shaping an explanation before the fact of the existence implies the assumption of a subjective position, where creativity comes into play to establish explanatory worlds, parallel metaphysical physics outside reality that science explores.

Moscow Institute

Where they really compete with banks, joint-stock company, Ltd., LLC and others "Pyramid" was pumped money from the pockets of people's ordinary citizens in their pockets, referred to as "foreign banks". Shkola.Tak what is today – the school? All of us, adult self-generation, used to put in Wi- Public school state institution, where the age of seven children with the knowledge of general intellectual development, as well as preparation for entry into independent life. Before the USSR collapsed school, in the opinion Solzhenitsyn, AI, "poorly taught and badly brought up … which is rare in the years she produced, we know … and Lomonosov provincial, and especially the village – now does not appear, do not break, this – no way." If Solzhenitsyn AI so confident in their statements, then let me ask him: "What, then, all of today's doctors, engineers, teachers – all were in the" elite "schools in big cities?" The scientists, writers, composers, artists, artists, academics, in the end – it is also only graduates of "the best schools in Yerevan?" But Solzhenitsyn AI – An officer, writer, academician, Nobel Prize winner – he graduated from high school in Rostov-on-Don, and then later in absentia studied at the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature. The same can be said of many others, including myself went from a provincial school student outlying former Soviet Union to PhD, so I can imagine allow to cast doubt on what was said about the "old" school of AI Solzhenitsyn, despite the fact that "the curricula and textbooks in the humanities" were "doomed, if not for release, then complete processing." Everyone who wanted to higher education, they got it. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach.