Moscow Business School Skolkovo

In the Moscow Business School Skolkovo held the first info session on the issues of led lighting. The forum was attended by the largest importers of led light sources, Russian producers trading companies, representatives of city administration and others professionally interested in led lighting. During the four-hour meeting students a lecture about the current state LEDs on the Russian market, were 16 master classes, raising issues of market for led lighting America, China, Japan and other countries. Of Russian and foreign experts have affected especially the use of indoor and outdoor lighting, modern lighting control systems, as well as environmental, economic and aesthetic aspects. In the next part of the meeting had taken place clear demonstration innovative developments in various fields of led light sources. Common to all products have been consistently low energy consumption, as well as not difficult to trace the significant growth of quality indicators lighting. In the final part of the forum being presented by the best projects in the field of led lighting over the past two years, the number of which were light School of Management skolkovo, the introduction of semiconductor light sources in the State Hermitage, oao rzd, jsc Lukoil, jsc Sberbank of Russia, "Sheremetyevo International Airport and others.

Charter Company

Joined llc (limited liability company) – a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure. That is why the company is considered the most common organizational and legal environment is a form of legal entities. Register your company will be able to practically any aspiring entrepreneur, but to date, perhaps, easier to contact one of the many law firms. Procedure for registration registration llc you should prepare a package of statutory documents, which will include 2 original copies of the Charter Company, 2 of the original Memorandum of Association llc (or 2 copies of the decision of the sole founder of the creation of a company), one Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders to establish company (with two or more founders) and receipt of payment of state fees charged for registration of the llc. Of course, you will need to submit an application (Form R11001), while Signature (one of the founders of the Future Ltd.) on the form R11001 notarized. If you plan to apply the simplified taxation system, you must provide 2 copies of the relevant application simultaneously with the recording company, or within 5 days after the state registration. If the charter capital is paid in cash, prior to the registration company you need to open a savings account at the bank, which will be credited with that amount. Prior to registration of the llc must pay not less than 50% of the share capital. After the registration of a company savings account is converted to a bank and the money placed at the disposal of the company.

Adventure Tourism

I may not know it, but there is a magnificent province in argentina that offers to you as a visitor different options to perform varied tourist antics. Therefore, what we are proposing here is presenting the diversity of possibilities to make adventure tourism in Mendoza. Mendoza is a province of argentina located on the boundary of the border with Chile, so it has an amazing landscape toward the Cordillera de Los Andes. Within this splendid panorama can openly glimpse of a variety of majestic mountains, lakes, rivers, and streams; as well as of forests filled with wildlife the most incredible of the country.Due to these wonders that characterize the province of Mendoza, the realization of different activities, which are within what is known as turismo aventura Mendoza is very easy. This tourism adventure in the landscapes of Mendoza has activities such as horseback riding, rafting, trekking, bicycling activities, expeditions, visits to the Aconcagua, among others. Expanding the previously exposed, it is on horseback, that these be performed – usually – from the city of Mendoza with a journey of approximately 30-40 minutes.

This tour on horseback aims to know landscapes where the ride is virtually the only access to them. In this way, you can enjoy the wonders that Mendoza has for you. With respect to rafting, it should always be performed with complete equipment for such activity. It is based on allowing you the enjoyment of mendocinos rivers; where will fun that you feel make the excursion unforgettable splendidly. Another option inside of what tourism Mendoza adventure is trekking. Here shall be a climb to Cerro Negro, in this journey towards the top you can see with ease the Mendoza River, the cord of the silver, the Tupungato volcano and the beautiful city of Mendoza. These are some of the many possibilities has tourism to make adventure in Mendoza, so they are more activities and value.

Without However, if you travel to Mendoza should not carry out any beautiful activities proposed by the province. Don’t worry security, everything is very controlled by specialists. You only should devote to knowing the mendocinos majestic landscapes, flora and fauna in conjunction with the beautiful mountains that characterize the province. Therefore, do not hesitate or think more. Make adventure in Mendoza is an unforgettable experience and surely will want to do it again. It is safe and beautiful! If you liked this article, tell your friends about him. They will thank you. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site (don’t forget to mention to < as the original source) .

Travel in Exotic Countries

– Exotic and distant countries are a very desirable destination and very interesting. But be careful with their customs, as some of the actions more normal for you can be a serious failure in these countries. For example, whistle very careful if you are in an Arab country, can be taken as a serious offense. – Do not accept never, under any circumstances, luggage from strangers. Beware, too, and check your luggage before traveling to avoid having them anything you can commit. – At airports, railway and bus stations are usually located tourist. Get close to them to inform you of everything you need, especially if you do not speak the local language. You never know when you can understand you with someone J – Always have your driver’s license, even if you plan to use any vehicle.

I could be very important in case of an emergency. – Consultation on the borders of the countries you travel to products you can take and in what quantity, and charges that you might suppose. – If you are in a country and not know their language out of the hotel take away an identifying element of it, (cards, brochures matches) that allows you to find the place without problems – Remember that not all countries have the same voltage, so that if you bring electrical appliances is important that you take some adapter. – Place identification labels with your address and country of origin not only outside the room, but also at home and clearly visible. In case of loss, external labels may be damaged and thus can find your data.

– Always keep photocopies of important documents, to keep them on hand in case of any unforeseen. As you can see, are all these small actions, which do not have hardly any work and, in some cases, can be taken out of a bind. There are many other circumstances to consider, but as I said before, I will not spoil your trip before you start. I can only say one thing. Bon Voyage! And enjoy these days that surely you have earned.