German Ministry

The federal student company contest seeking the best young entrepreneurs 2014 on 15 January 2014 will start the voting for the federal student company contest 2014. All real student company from Germany, regardless of which type of school they belong to, can take part in the contest and present their business idea for a broad public. We are looking for nationwide dedicated students, creative business ideas and their independent and successful implementation in short: we are looking for and promote Germany’s entrepreneurs youth. Student company can on federal student-company register for free and with a descriptive profile convince classmates, friends, business partners and other interested persons of their business idea, to get as many votes as possible. The success of all participants is determined daily by the voting on the platform on the Internet. By the end of July, the student companies have time to increase the number of votes for their own student company through appropriate self-promotion. From the 20th century a jury selects the ten nationwide winner, which will be awarded with significant prize money totalling 8,000 EUR then best student company of in Germany.

2013, over 250 student company from all provinces participated in the federal student company contest initiated by the Miller family of corporate media. At the award ceremony in the German Ministry of Economics winners had the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs and representatives from business and politics and socialize. About federal student company contest which is federal student company contest an online competition for all real student company in Germany, regardless of which type of school they belong to. In student company, young people experience economic basic knowledge in theory and practice, they acquire a sense of initiative, responsibility and teamwork. The federal student company contest wants to promote young German entrepreneurs and assist young people, already during the school to press. The project was initiated by the Miller family of companies 2010 media life.

Young Professionals

Spring action: New staff advertise on Jobvoting – now especially inexpensive the demographically-induced shortage hits this year 2011 companies in Germany and Austria particularly sensitive. It is even more important for employers to search specifically for Young Professionals and professionals and to inspire you for your company. Therefore, launched Germany’s first portal for employer reviews, now his spring campaign in April 2006. Until the 29th of April, employers on at particularly inexpensive conditions service packages can purchase via employer branding to attract targeted potential new applicants who are interested in the company, or are currently looking for a job. April 29, offers its diamond service package for 1.690,–EUR instead of as previously 1.790,–EUR. It includes as a service for the employer the premium, a quality seal as recommended employers, an editorial report employee’s voice”on the basis of with the Employees of listed telephone interviews, as well as other marketing services. The premium includes the integration of a free amendable company portraits including description of personnel policy and the searched fields, integration of logo, image video, testimonials, photos and up to 50 jobs in the month in particular. In addition more services offered the employer such as the linking of social media activities and the integration of press releases.

This all-inclusive package company in many different ways to communicate effectively their benefits as an employer a wide audience. Convince potential candidates with your promising career opportunities, work places or attractive remuneration models. is this the right partner and the appropriate platform to put his company in the proper spotlight. Whether it is a small, medium-sized or large companies. Jobvoting has since 2006 over many years of experience as a first mover in the German-speaking market and you can therefore advise which employer branding measures are promising and tailored to your needs. More information see or contact our sales department at the email address or call us at + 49 (0) 30 346 498 922. We look forward to your call and advise you gladly further how your company takes advantage of our employer branding concepts and looking for the best minds on the labour market success. ( is the leading German-speaking freedom and business portal for job reviews created by workers and employers editorial, reviews since 2006. The reader can inform on the basis of published essays about their potential new employers. In addition, provides further Web2. 0 functions, such as the employee forum or the JobBlogs. Surveys are conducted on a regular basis, that the situation on the German Labour market will be examined closer.

Dresdner Haase

With the new SMS vote software “SMS Voting” own polls in closed user groups carry out the vote-software SMS Voting”( appears in a new version of Dresdner Haase & Martin GmbH. With the now integrated Subscriber and telephone number management, you can perform surveys in closed circles of users. With the vote-software SMS Voting”to send his question and the corresponding answer options via SMS text messages to selected phone numbers of a previously defined group of people. The participants respond directly to the poll SMS and SMS voting receives the messages for the evaluation. The SMS voting is a software/hardware solution with the entrepreneur or clubs can perform their own polls via SMS. The product includes a GSM modem with USB port, as well as the SMS vote software with admin interface and display module. The SMS voting will be installed on your own PC or laptop (Win XP, win 7). The survey with the runs with own SIM card, which is inserted into the supplied GSM modem own phone number (for choice) of any provider (prepaid or contract).

With the administration interface of SMS voting, operators set their own surveys and response options with keywords. Incoming text messages are automatically filtered by the SMS voting according to the applied surveys and response options and evaluated. The result can be visualized on a display module using Gantt chart or displayed via projector before larger audiences. In addition there is the possibility that voting participants in addition to the predefined reply options send free text (E.g., opinions, statements or questions), because all the text is contained in a reply SMS receives the SMS voting. So, the voting operators can receive general feedback or questions its customers. Overview: Perform spontaneous response ability on the part of participants, high return filing rate software/hardware solution with GSM module voting with your own phone number, since commercially available SIM card is used multiple polls at the same time voting to do in closed User group perform graphical display of survey results for presentation to public telephone number management, export/import data mining for personal feedback channel for voting participants to send SMS from the voting out Web interface to display the voting result on any Web page (optional) via SMS voting: by the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones it is each always and everywhere possible, via SMS, to participate in a poll spontaneously.

Previous survey possibilities such as letter, postcard, or E-Mail are linked to stationary computer, cause high costs and taking up much time in evaluating the respondents. SMS can be sent, however, virtually from anywhere from immediately. You represent a maximum established and highly flexible communication channel, which can reach a much higher return registration rate through his spontaneous reply way as classic and non-mobile channels. The SMS voting module on your PC with the supplied GSM notebook installed or and performed with a standard SIM card of any phone provider. The advantage compared to the ubiquitous shortcodes is the charge. Of voting participants pays only the price of a standard SMS to its mobile service provider. In the case of SMS-flats, the sending of SMS is free of charge.

Villac Humu

Especially to the unmarried Sinchis, since the only that could have multiple wives only was Villac Humu and Sapa Apu Inka, two unique rulers of the Tawantisuyu. They arrived and were greeted by the great Mamacona, which had been raised since childhood to Atawalpa, since his mother had taken charge of directing the Tawantisuyu, by the sudden death of the Apu Sapa Inka Huaynac Kapak Grand because of a fever that no shaman nor Kuraka had been able to decrypt nor cure. She ruled for many years until re gathered together all the elders and determine the succession of the Government. The Mamacona was giving orders to each girl, which is what they had to do, some the command preparing the baths of the Inca, to others as assistants of the two Coyas, which were very conceited and fought the love of the Inka. The two were of different lineage, one belonged to the Pachakuti Yupanqui Inka Panaka and the other Tupak Yupanqui. That rivalry was recent as since the death of Huaynac Kapak, who had chosen as wives to sisters of his same Panaka, however Atawalpa were of different Panakas. Each one always boasted of their ancestors, as the most important in the history of your great nation and were passed days in endless discussions that sometimes ended in fights in the presence of them, including the great Sapa Inka, which stopped to admire the skills in the struggles of their wives and which won Qikyusisa of the Tupac Yupanqui panaka and that said the Princess had brought the great Navigator of land more than the sea, she emphasized by the whiteness of her skin and her hair from the copper colour very different from the beautiful Yanacoya who was a descendant of the Panaka more traditional and ancient of the great Sapa Inka Pachakuti. But Atawalpa loved the beautiful Qikyusisa and according to the oracles Catequil and Gran Pachakamac told him that would be the mother of one of the greatest warriors to libertarian to their peoples.

Salvador Allende Corruption

. Apurarce to be the country is going to end…Dejemme one a document more secret level, prepared by Eduardo Frei to the Committee of economy of the lower House, on the occasion of the investigation of allowances granted to executives of public companies millions of dollars, the former President alluded to the International’s corruption perception index prepared by the non-governmental organization called Transparency International acceptance and recognition in this regard, said: throughout my period, Chile was perceived as the more honest and transparent Ibero-American country. However, Chile is not precisely one of the least corrupt countries in the hemisphere is something that even recognizes the Government of the United States, as evidenced by the contents of a secret cable from the Intelligence Department, agency Chile Nro 112098-34 written in 2001 by the Embassy of this country. The confidential report, written earlier that year by a staff member of the Embassy in Santiago. Mr. Williams A… , dedicates an important part of your content to what you see as the particular practice of corruption which would be taking place in the country: conflicts of partisan and individual interests, must not forget that by the 1970s former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, received close to $3,000,000 million dollars at the time of the American State Department S, for his campaign against Salvador Allende, tax-free…and without having to justify to anyone. This equivales to close to S$ 15millones in today’s dollars.-20th reserved EMBAJADA AMERICANA in CHILE, 2001 document, partially retrieved by Phanta Amiguis details 43 points which discusses the severe environmental problems affecting Chile. Point 15 of the cable verbatim notes that a report released recently by transparency international, a German organization, drew Chile as the second developing country to a rising corruption in the hemisphere. At the next point of the cable is indicated: Unfortunately, the Chilean definition of corruption (and apparently that of transparency international) does not include the concept of conflict of interest.