Tedesco Depression

Depression has been recognized as the leading cause of sick leave. Its incidence in the population is so high that it has also been called as the disease of the century. The clinical manifestations of depression are very diverse. The personality and circumstances of the person can contribute to that support on a few symptoms and not others. The depressed person may be irritable or apathetic, or both, may eat more or less, can show a taciturn countenance or conversely exaggerating their reactions. For this reason it is exemplary to accentuate the resource of psychotherapy as the best way of treatment.

Depression is one of the classic ways of expressing a complex interaction with the other subject. Characteristic of depression today is not the diversity of manifest itself but the increase and distribution of the same, reaching even occur at ages increasingly more early. The other issue that arises with this clinical picture, is that any hint of sadness today runs the risk of being characterized as depression in any of its degrees. The sadness that can coincide in their symptoms with depression, may be at different stages of life and responding to situations that the least that can cause is precisely this feeling. Duels, substantial changes of life, migration, etc, often accompanied by certain symptoms that resemble the depression. Do know then if it’s a depression? The duration will usually be that will give the alarm signal. The fixity of the symptom or the mood usually indicate a malaise that requires a psychotherapy for its resolution.

Why opt for a therapy that uses the story of the patient as the main tool? For many years pharmacological therapy has been privileged to treat this condition. The years have shown its limitation, because far from reducing their incidence, this has been increasing from the hand with the development of our modern societies. Is usually not linking depression with personal history, to how much is assumed that it is a response learned and reinforced throughout life and that it is possible to redirect the vision of the depressed person. We argue that depression is not resolved consciously and voluntarily, that this depressed and not out of depression is not because I do not want to be better, but because it cannot. A space in which you work with that part of the subject that we do not control what we feel even to our regret, with our reactions, our ghosts, our fears and frustrations. Incorporating the discourse of the patient as if material itself, it is an alternative that usually give good results when it passes through a depression.

National Basketball Association

Several sources close to the team and connoisseurs of the negotiation process confirmed the incorporation of Rubio to the devalued template for the Timberwolves. Spokesman Mike Cristaldi computer refused to make any comment. The Spanish player in 20 years has taken the decision to get to the NBA. The suspense over the future of the base Spanish Ricky Rubio came to an end after several newspaper reports that appeared this evening in the media highlighted the current Regal FC Barcelona player will be the next season in the competition of the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team, which has its rights of selection in the National Basketball Association, has achieved its objective after two years of intense negotiations and let in evidence to those who had said that Rubio did not want to play in Minneapolis with the Timberwolves.

Several sources close to the team and connoisseurs of the negotiation process confirmed the incorporation of Rubio to the devalued template for the Timberwolves, who last season had the worst mark in the League (17-65). The Mike Cristaldi team spokesman refused to make any comment on the newspaper reports that appeared in the Minneapolis and was limited to say there was nothing new about what inform. The arrival of Rubio in the Timberwolves will end point to an endless series of negotiations between the catalan player and managers and to the owner of the Minnesota team. The more active in the process of negotiation and personal conviction to Rubio that reached the NBA in the hands of the Timberwolves was its President David Kahn, who did not lose hope for the arrival of the Spanish International. Official end of season the official announcement of the arrival of Rubio in the Timberwolves will be not done until the end of the competition of the final phase in the ACB League, which is disputing in Spain, with the participation of the Regal FC Barcelona. Meanwhile, NBA star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love, already showed on Twitter interest for the information related to the possible arrival of Rubio team to play the next season, although at the end said that I will believe it when you see it. Rubio, who was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the number five for University draw of 2009, if you have decided to reach professionalism only will have to pay a million and a half from his pocket, plus 500,000 dollars which would bring the team maximum Minnesota allowed by the rules of the NBA, to be able to buy the contract that still binds him to Regal FC Barcelona. The Spanish player of 20 years has made the decision of reaching the NBA when there is a chance that is a lockout in the absence of agreement on the signing of a new collective agreement.


The goals of the Summit, which will take place in Quebec, Canada, from 19 to 22 may, include reaching a better understanding of the impact of ecotourism, improve its approach, management, marketing and regulations; and to ensure the equitable distribution of benefits among all stakeholders. These are ambitious goals, especially since ecotourism involves a wide expanse from interested groups, local communities and indigenous people, to global corporations, national Governments and development agencies. However, since what is involved is more degradation of the environment as well as damage to local communities, it is obvious that carried out an ambitious plan. Despite criticism of the WWF, the conservation organization, believes that ecotourism responsible if it has the potential to support conservation and communities. But the Organization warns that ecotourism is not no curalotodo.

Every time that can be an alternative to harmful economic activities, such as logging of trees and mining, there will be very few cases where the ecotourism by itself only can provide sufficient income to support conservation and people. The organization believes that ecotourism should be part of a broader development strategy and its growth carefully monitored. WWF also warns that the existence of a wilderness area does not automatically mean that an ecotourism initiative will succeed. Success requires, among other things, good access, training, comfortable accommodation, visible wildlife, appropriate marketing, monitoring impact and good regulation. Many initiatives of ecotourism by small communities were only released for failing by not having into consideration you previous factors. The WWF believes that all tourism must maintain or improve biological and cultural diversity, use resources in a sustainable manner and reduce envelope consumption and waste. He is also working to develop such responsible tourism practices at several different levels. One of them is supporting ecotourism businesses in communities where they have control over the development of ecotourism and have an equitable participation in the benefits.