Christmas Greeting Cards

The biggest beneficiaries of the congratulations of Christmas, this year are postal officials. Traditional postal shipping has plummeted, so less work for them. I guess that that lower postal traffic is due to the economic crisis. A symptom: those public institutions that were sent before christmas pretentious, with Golden, printed reliefs to five inks and were worth a Paxton, in this opportunity have been formed with sober cards signed by the shift boss. Go, the same as those savings, banks mired in unwanted mergers, now save up to typical of other years wall calendar. This, I say, what of the crisis, is only a partial explanation for the lower Christmas mail. Because there are others. The main, Internet.

Fill in postcards classic, albeit to help Unicef, Intermon, Manos Unidas and other charitable organizations, in the background is a pain in the ass, because it must be done one by one, unless you go to the printing press or dispose of a laser printer superguay, as they say now. That is, that we prefer to congratulate others via computer, through emails. This offers many advantages, which only lists a few. For example, just a single generic text for a lot of receivers, who will receive it immediately, after tightened the timely key of the computer. The smarter can incorporate in addition all kinds of cartoons, drawings, music, animations, videos, so congratulations reception goes from being the mere ritual of yesteryear to today become a spectacle.

To those less endowed with computer as a server, or more vague knowledge, which is also my case, we simply copy the best received greeting and forward as if it was ours, so we were like a few Kings. They already see how Christmas has changed. Another important modification, and reminds me of a friend, is that the religious allusions to these fiestas have plummeted: almost there because the difference between Christmas or Carnival, tells me in an e-mail. Because it is also truth.


12 To August 21, a new edition of the MALAGA fair will take place.The best offer of accommodation for the MALAGA fair nine days of celebration in the capital of the Costa del Sol, in one of the activities of the city which brings more visitors. During these days, street is the protagonist in fair day in the night and in bars is can enjoy and savour the generous wines as well taste the great variety of tapas prepared to accompany them. Malaga fashion, Pablo Alboran, singer will be the crier of the fair on the night of August 12, the night of the Fireworks that announce the start of the malacitanos celebrations. Starting Saturday 13th, Malaga will officially celebrate its fair in August. If you want your booking, provide you the following link which will take you to the booking engine on our website: want to make a reservation in EL HOTEL MONTE MALAGA next to all this, the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta will offer its bullfighting, that, once will announce the matadors who pisaran the Malaga albero, will realize in this corporate BLOG hotels MONTE. Also, if you stay in our hotel, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, may also request, free of charge, our tourist routes, to not only enjoy the fair but of other recreational and tourist attractions of the city.

House Consumption

To make efficient use of water in each of these dbemso spaces consider three aspects: changes of habits of consumption, reparacionesy technological changes. The care of the water in the bathroom represents 65% of the use of water inside the House. to) changes in consumption habits:-take a shower. An immersion bath uses 250 liters of water, against the less than 100 litres that used a shower of 5 minutes, with a normal head. -Close the tap while we dishwashing us, afeitamos us, or brushing teeth. -Do not use the toilet as a trash. Usual practice to the toilet papers, condoms, sanitary pads, butts of cigarettes, among other things. Everytime we do this we use the ability to flush the toilet, which can be avoided with only a basket next to the same place.

(b) repairs:-check the toilet for leaks. A leak in the toilet can waste 200 000 litres of water per year c) technological changes:-toilets: we can incorporate a mechanism of interruption of shock or a counterweight which interrupt the flow when we stopped pressing the push button. -Taps: install taps, or add reducing the flow of water or aerators to conventional taps. We also have taps that act with a sensor and only ejected water spray when they detect heat from our hands (when the hands are removed, are cut automatically) – showers: If we install a reducer of flow or aerators, water consumption is reduced to 10 litres per minute. I.e. for a 5 minute shower we empleariamos 50 litres of water care in the kitchen water used in the kitchen represents 10% of the total consumption of water inside the House.

((a) changes in consumption habits: – do not defrost food under running water – fill the dishwasher before using it – if we wash dishes by hand, must not do this with the tap open (b) repairs:-check if the faucets do not have leaks. (c) technological changes: – buy an efficient dishwasher (consumes approximately 15 litres of water per wash cycle) – install aerators in faucets flow reducers. Caring for water in the wash tub water which we use in the laundry room represents 20% of the water consumption within the House. to) changes in consumption habits:-using the dishwasher when it is full. -Adjust the amount of detergent according to the water hardness. -Whenever possible, avoid the prewash in the washing machine. ((b) technological changes:-buy an efficient washer (consumes 12 liters of water per each kilogram of clothes) care of the water in the garden to) changes in consumption habits:-watering in less heat hours; so less water is lost through evaporation. -No water only out of habit or because find us pleasant. We should check the soil moisture before watering. -Let grow the grass up to 5 or 6 cm. More tall grass requires less water. (b) technological changes:-acquire diffusers and sprinklers. The car washing to) recourse to an automatic car wash center. These centers only use 35 litres of water, against the 500 litres that are used with a manual cleaning with hose without automatic cutting. (b) If you opt for manual washing at home, use a bucket and a sponge (save 450 litres of water) washing of sidewalks and patios can be enough a broom and shovel, or the use of wet mops. Avoid, wherever possible, the use of the hose because it will represent a consumption of approximately 200 litres of water.

Sales Processes

Some days ago in a seminar related to sales processes, it came to the fore a concern related to which are the facts that lead to a company to think about a strategy of centralization on the client. That is why companies must modify their way of serving and serving customers. To a question about who was not aware of the importance of the customer and of the urgent need to generate processes whereby the customer feel better attended and attracted by the company, there was no one person in an auditorium of more than 40 participants who would not agree. I left thinking in something that happens constantly. Many of the companies that were there represented do not have the slightest idea of how to treat a customer well and less as a pamper you and fidelizarlo. I say this because I am a customer of some of these companies. However, all were totally agree that the most important thing is the customer. This led me to write this article which I would like to generate some awareness about the signals that there is on the market and the economy to they have to really and in a serious manner, corporations take a journey of being so focused on product and prove that really the customer if it is important for their organizations, passing to a more customer-centric schema.

I.e. less speak of the importance of customer for them and more action with concrete facts. Who we are dedicated to the topic of CRM and centralization in customer strategies, we have certainly read more than two or three books on the subject. There is no book (well, is a little exaggeration to say none) is not in his first two chapters something that says the new scenario of business or live in a rapidly changing environment. The idea is to acclimate to the readers about the signals that sends us the market about trends that we need to review to make strategic in the way decisions as we conduct our business.

Generating Money

You can create a blog with the goal of generating money for the company. Therefore, there are no policies that guide us on how to create and maintain a blog. Many people who have blog seek to generate money out of it. The aim of this writing will be detailing some options to earn money through a blog. One of the first ways to earn money with your blog is through the incorporation of Google AdSense ads. This is relatively quick to simply must enter in Google then have an AdSense account, review the features and functions of AdSense promotional tools; You will then receive an HTML code.

Then select this HTML code and enter it on your blog. When readers select any Google AdSense ad and you buy something through that link, you will make money through Commission. A second way to make money from the ads on your blog is when advertising space is sold to other people. I have seen some blogs where a small announcement generates up to $250 per month. Imagine having 10 of these in your blog; you could win $2,500 per month. Nothing bad, right? Now, in order to sell ads, must generate traffic your blog, because otherwise there would be no benefit to its advertisers.

This is probably one of the ways to earn money with your blog more consistently. The blog must point to a specific audience, thus proves effective for advertisers targeting the same market and to achieve that they pay to advertise their products in the. The third way of making money with your blog is very popular and involves the use of your blog for affiliate promotions. It can be achieved in different ways. One way is to place links on your blog of the affiliate products. As well, another way is to publish notes with reviews of products from affiliates that promote. When people are evaluating the possibility of buying something, they enjoy reading reviews of other people. If your reviews are honest and useful, it is likely that people click on your affiliate links. You must insert the links several times in the articles of your blog; studies have shown that it is the most effective method, is a subtle way to promote links to start your blog, it is likely that you use affiliate promotions to earn money until you have enough traffic to your site as to attract other advertisers. A tool to generate money through blog, this way is indirect, include a subscription form voluntary (opt-in) through which visitors can register to receive updates or notifications from your party or your newsletter, where you have it. The usual procedure is to offer you something free to its visitors to encourage them to register. An e-book, a report, a video or audio free material can be. How to make money with this method is periodically send e-mails to your contacts list to promote its own products or those of its affiliates. Although this is not a method to earn money immediately, it is the method that enters much money sellers online, in a way that make a solid base from which the blog grow. Now, I’ve taught him some ideas for making money with your blog. I hope that you can take them, apply them and develop a successful blog.


The invention of various entities such as cooperatives has facilitated various processes such as the acquisition of loans or credits and at the same time to facilitating assistance systems for entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, thus becoming an entity of vital importance in the lives of people who wish to begin with a company. Cooperatives are entities created the voluntary Union of various people who want to offer both aid advisor, cultural and economically to people such as micro- and macroempresarios. Usually a cooperative rules are based on the principles that the partners agree, however today and thanks to the great heyday that from its beginnings had this type of entities, some countries are including within its laws some clauses specific to these corporations must comply fully. Today thanks to the number of services offered by cooperatives these can be categorized in various ways; Some are among the best known as: agricultural cooperative: this is based on providing services in agricultural specific indole, a clear example of this is to provide assistance for agricultural production. Associated work cooperative: these are based on its partners offer the possibility to provide employment either by half or full time.

Savings and credit cooperative: it is based on providing the option of credit and savings to their partners and third parties. Housing cooperatives: are based on offering its partners the possibility of obtaining housing, a local or an immovable by means of savings or credit in the cooperative. Tourism cooperative: these are based on offer to its partners or people of the common, the option to save or to provide credits exclusively tourist purposes. Users and services cooperative: these are based on offer to its partners or third-party acquisition or joint selling of specific products or services that such a co-operative may acquire. Cooperativa de servicios: these are based on its partners offer some services such as advice and attention in various activities such as field agricultural or business. Although there are many more types of cooperative which are presented at the present time, those already mentioned are cooperatives that play essential roles in modern society. It is important to keep in mind before becoming members of a cooperative, the objectives that we want to meet, because to take part in one of these entities must be part of it by certain time. An important aspect to emphasize in a cooperative are its principles, some of them as providing social equality, fairness in economic benefits and respect among its members; all of these contribute to this type of entities are considered as one of the most striking today. In synthesis, cooperatives are displayed before the people as one of the best options to achieve some specific goals, however it is important to mention that these being so varied require a great study before becoming part of them.

Old Letters

Writers tend to accumulate papers, notebooks, notes, and all sorts of articles, in a perfect mess that we alone understand.-each both, tired of seeing so many things piled up, feel nostalgia for the tidiness, and it gives us by shaking the dust and make cleaning, just as it did that day.-reviewing each of the folders, reviving mentally why they had kept every thing, and as it is often the case, had thrown less of course, again keeping almost everything, which demonstrated the futility of such an effort.-Despite having discovered this well-known fact, continuing in the task, when I found one old paper on wood, with two letters inside, and my memory began work trying to remember when had reached my power-little by little I was reminiscing and came to my mind the image of a man whoI no longer remember how much time had passed, approached, with old overcoat on the shoulders, and asked me in one of my stories incorporate the contents of the envelopes, thing that I had never done.-Me I felt indebted to one character, and as paying for it, I took two envelopes, and leaving everything aside, after reading them I began to write. ..Letter a child.-it seems impossible, son, that after so much or so little time together, need to confess something.-Por vos, I learned to reveal me waiting for your arrival, and when you did it, waved the wedge so that you durmieras in peace.-I suffered with you falls to take your first steps, and with you went back to school when you were, and then I spent whole nights waiting for your return home, when you took your youth to copy my old forgotten outputs.-When you sufrias, I suffered with you, your joys were the mine, although nothing you hear, and when you fell in love with, I reverdeci with you, and today, a new teaching me das, with the arrival of the first grandchild.-per everything learned, son, thanks….Letter to a father-prototype of mainland immigrants repatriated, despite to the intervening years had not lost the accent of your land.-He admired for my inside the wisdom of your lack of culture, kneaded to force live, and without saying anything tried to be like you.-hard for work, were as an oak tree that supported of foot the ravages of life- but the passage of time, as the straw that orada stoneyou was damaging, and, as the oak that seemed to be, and only falls to axe coups, vos also fall, and when it touched you play your bad hand with life and touched you lose, you left by squeezing my hands, without a Word.-want to know, wherever you are, I’m just as you were, as you, an oak which are hachando, and when you touch me playing and losing my last coat, I’ll find you, but meanwhile I want to tell you, that I miss my old man. .. .. .. As I could write a story with the contents of these two envelopes, if I was the author of these letters, and they envy that tale life.


Changes in behavior, especially in management, needed to manage the company’s processes and controls summarized them in: 1. external orientation towards the customer, against internal product orientation. 2 Merge into people thinking and action for improvement against Tayloriana logic. He is not working more but work otherwise. 3. Commitment to results from compliance. 4 Processes and clients facing departments and heads. 5.

Participation and support against hierarchy and control. 6. Liability on the process front functional hierarchical authority. Processes are always designed by managers; When they are focused to meet certain needs internal, such as control or limitations of departmental responsibility, feature a series of questionable value-added activities. If we clearly define the mission and objectives of the processes in terms of added value perceived by customers, automatically will be highlighted those activities regarded as ineffective and therefore indispensable. Objectives of management by processes As a system of quality management that is the main objective of the process management is to increase the results of the company through achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. In addition to increasing productivity through:.-reduce unnecessary internal costs (without value-added activities). -Shorten delivery times (reduce cycle times).

-Improve the quality and the value perceived by customers so that this it is comfortable working with the supplier. -Incorporate additional activities of service, low cost, whose value is easy to perceive by the customer (e.g.:) Information) To understand the management by processes you can consider it as a system whose main elements are: The key processes Coordination and the control of its functioning. The management of your improvement. No doubt a company of this type with process equipment highly autonomous is more agile, efficient, flexible and enterprising than classical bureaucratized functional organizations. In addition it is closest and better targeted towards the customer..The ultimate aim of the management by processes is to make compatible the improvement of the satisfaction of the customer with best business results. Process management is understood easily by his overwhelming logic, but is assimilated with difficulty by the paradigmatic changes that contains. Notes from the Chair in management of processes (source gestiopolis.

Internet Products

You can finally change factors in the marketing mix, as the price, the way in which distributes the product or the way it communicates. Many of the ideas may be absurdas.3. Then you need to start to analyze if some of the ideas may have value to the consumer and how can become a reality. The potential of this process is very significant. As a result of the lateral marketing have arisen products not never imagined before, such as bars of cereals, the chocolate egg with surprise (combination of toy with treat) or shops 7 – Eleven of Japan that sell products 24 hours. Finally taken into consideration what brings a good example of the application of the marketing side is the development of new products, as bars them honey, nuts, milk and cereals, a fast alternative to the traditional cereals with milk, or new business concepts, such as Internet cafes, or the location of supermarkets in petrol stations. The lateral marketing also involves using old products in a new way, for example, promote as a system Bayer Aspirin to prevent heart attacks, or use apples in the tables of the receipts of the hotels as a way to welcome guests.

The marketing side is not intended to replace the current structures of segmentation, targeting and positioning, but it intends to expand the vision of marketing beyond the logical and sequential process which is based, through the incorporation of creative thinking. As explained in the book authors, the lateral marketing complements traditional marketing through an alternative route to generate new ideas. While the vertical marketing helps us increase the subgroups to which target a product, side marketing allows to develop new products that will enable us to reach a much larger audience.