When we talk about strategy CRM always refers to how the organization is capable of delivering experiences customer differentiating that build loyalty in them and profitable relationships for the company. In this order of ideas of service and customer support areas must answer for Agile and effective way to the requests and concerns of customers.For this SalesLogix provides users a holistic view of the interactions with the client to have more adequate management of service processes to the customer. From there they can quickly resolve concerns and requests by delivering a high quality experience through ticketing, Material returns, defects and contract management functions. It can also provide its customers self-service tools, empowering its customers to find answers and make requests of 7 24.SalesLogix is a highly flexible tool that is customized according to the needs of each organization. Let us show an example as SalesLogix gives you tools optimal for taking a call from a customer through a contact centre.

The client calls the service line of your organization, and at the moment the telephone plant identifies the phone number of the person calling. Here thanks to SalesLogix integration with telephone plants (CTI) the the call center agent who must attend the call receives a screenshot of the resume of the customer who is calling, saving time in the search for the customer’s information. Depending on the request from the client to the phone, the call center agent navigates between different tabs of the system to provide information to the customer about orders, dispatches, portfolio, orders pending, open claims or in general any type of information that comes from transactional systems (ERP) or CRM which displayed in an integral way in SalesLogix.Thence leave the reason for the call log and program requests or requirements that have remained unresolved because they require some kind of scaling or routing in the organization.

Eduardo Blanco

Is that, perhaps for many, this is a time of lean and need to be adjusted to the maximum when handling money; but really there are many possibilities for the creation of a web site. Today is not as before which was really very expensive. Today manages to register a domain for 10 or 20 dollars a year and also get templates (predesigned websites) with prices between the 70 and 100 dollars, which have an excellent design with many options that allow you to adapt to your business or company. The problem of these predesigned pages and sold at low cost, is that they sell it to anyone, i.e. you can have multiple pages with the same design, if you you want exclusive price is another. It is not the same that you hire your own webmaster, that design you the web site to your taste and to be functional with your company, but at least you have something to start and with one smaller investment, we are talking about very small numbers for a business or company, so you will have your own web site and your email accounts with your domain. With respect to E-mail the company below some recommendations to keep in mind: leverages to have a more fluid communication with your clients by sending them a weekly mail with offers or novelties.

Both the title and the issue should be very clear so that your customer knows perfectly that you’re talking about. Used to fund this tool to get important data from your customers. Careful with capital letters, do not forget that Internet overuse of capital letters means that you are yelling leverages the speed of email to send important information and quality, something that your customers are waiting every week, and differentiate yourself from your competition. Do not allow to Spam. The signature of the email is not something without value, must be taken seriously, that the name of your company, includes a links to your web site, and the name of who has delivered the mail or the director or Manager in charge of the sector. What more important: do not allow that in your company E-mail messages sent by your customers remain unanswered. This is highly counterproductive. Finally: If you can, in your measure, take the example of the great, them, develop a budget and spend a significant amount of money for advertising on the internet and on their web sites updates and get satisfactory results that have an impact on more sales.

Vice President

Introduction or revision of company policies. Standards and safety regulations. Continuous training. Annual report. Presentations of motivation. In general, there are three reasons for the use of video: consistency, profitability and productivity. 1 Consistency there are no two people that delivered the same message in the same way.

You can work out the same notes or the same presentation, but varies the detail or the time devoted to a topic. A video that allows a company to have a complete control of the message. That is always delivered with the same enthusiasm, the same information at all times. Employees at the same time, get more value from the information provided. 2. Cost-effective a well written and well produced video can be profitable and provide invaluable benefits for a company. Is You can eliminate the need for trainers of the company to pay for the trip. And with digital technology, corporate videos can be created for a fraction of the price with more creative effects.

3 Increased productivity a video transmitting corporate messages, health benefits or emergency procedures can increase productivity in the long term. A video can reduce the time employees spend on the preparation and delivery of a presentation. A well-written video can help eliminate questions, so a presentation or training session requires only an hour instead of two. And the Vice President of the company and his assistant, can devote time to the improvement of operational efficiency instead of going to multiple sites to provide quarterly update and again. In a society so visual that relies heavily on Internet and television for information, professional audiovisual producers of video are a safe way to leave a lasting impression. Instead of talking about How to use the new machine in the plant, employees will see a video the plant inside to show how the machine works.

Road Bikes

Of the road bikes 250cc current origins until the 19th century, close to the year 1885. At that time the German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach developed a rustic and archaic model of motorcycle. This first bike had an internal combustion engine, reached a maximum speed of 18 Km/h and its chassis was of wood. This design did not have a great technical display, but without a doubt the two engineers had a prophetic vision for a transport vehicle. Already more than one hundred years have passed and the progress experienced by the industry of two wheels is, to say the least, impressive. The year of 1902, just a few years after the model of Daimler and Maybach, is developing the concept of moto scooter type; It would be the predecessor of famous models worldwide in subsequent decades as the scooter.

Appears the sidecar, vehicle very used in the second world war as a weapon of attack by the nazi army in 1910. During the first decades the mechanical model of motorcycles was basically the same: drum brakes, chassis in two-stroke engines and heavy metals. The choice of the type of engine was given because it is simple and cheap to produce, although its efficiency in fuel consumption is very less than that offers a two stroke engine; In addition to that generates too much pollution. Despite this, they had to spend more than 7 decades until laws around the world forced manufacturers to change the cleaner four-stroke two stroke engines. Today it is very rare to find in the 250cc road bikes market using 2 stroke engines. Currently, the market of motorcycles of 250cc road is located in furore and is which normally generates more sales on the market of the two wheels. Is so dynamic, that even the large builders map has changed: back have been times where the dominant countries were European or United States; Today the largest manufacturers worldwide of 250 bikes are companies in Asian countries, with Japan to the head followed by by from China and South Korea. Brands of the far East such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki flood the streets of countries around the world. Data of the author: At you can find all the necessary information about the road 125 bikes, 250, 50 cc as well as data about the furor that have caused the motorcycle tuning and the validity of the scooter bikes.


Here are, beginning with three sentences of one of my favorites: greatness is reserved for those who acquire a burning desire to achieve their goals. The success they achieve and retain those who try and continue trying with a positive mental attitude. In every adversity There is a seed of equivalent benefit or perhaps greater for those who positive mental attitude induces them to become successful people. W Dyer success or failure in business depends more on the mental attitudes of those who them embark on, that his mental capacity. W Scott. The lucky ones are not supermen. Success does not require the super intellect. There is no mystical thing in terms of success.

Success is not based on the fortune. Successful people are usually ordinary men who have developed the belief in themselves and in what they do. David Schwartz the intangible quality that separates many people from success of people of talent that fails is pure force of will. They have strong passions, desires larger than average people. Alan Loy Mcginnis Bien, I hope you serve, don’t forget that successful people set their goals but above all are convinced that they will reach them and each difficulty are able to extract a positive lesson that used later in the road. People of success look at problems as something that It has a solution and they not demoralize or they get frustrated when they find one, by the contrariotienen character for more forces and always quit gracefully and rich experience. If you do not abandon the fight and you know cultivate patience success will be increasingly close to you. Confidence is the first secret of success.


The same techniques try to all the peoples the same occupations, contribute to mold psychology, to become attached a common sensitivity. The cinema and the television concur vigorously for the caldeamento of the peoples for imitation or infect. Today if it can, travelling, to find in serious of countries same social and cultural phenomena, even in the existence decoration: the architecture already does not present as many differences between Asia and America how much before, exists until a functional style for the habitat, the industry, the administration. All the cities of the world are surrounded by the same cinturo of real estate sets of tenantable use. The proper suits if uniformizam, the games and the sports> If to go up plus a step in the scale of the beings has today deep of ideas common, constituted to a large extent by loans made to ocidente. The controllers politicians of all the countries say the same language.

All also speak in democracy, independence, freedom, equality, expansion, progress. the signal of that is constituting a species of vulgata. It has a common patrimony of values already not contested, that are admitted almost universally, even so, in it practises, it speaks very so that the social behavior of the controllers and relations if always conform with them. This will make with that when will be necessary to enter or to take any good natural, that> They are in full operation forces intellectual, spirituals and ideological of doctrines or of movements, that if considers to unify the world, that tends conscientiously for this, affirming the unit of the human sort. This was, first, the persistence of the great universalistas religions, the Christianity and the Isl. They had not lost the importance, continue to play an appreciable part in the unification, but she has been revezada, however helped, however fought, for great universalistas ideologies, as the marxism and the capitalism, that objectify the constitution, in the surface of the land, of a society without classrooms, nation and borders.

Iraq Highways

When through the reporters we hear the numbers of the occured deaths in the War of Iraq, we are frightened. It would not be for less, therefore ciphers denote average of 15 the 20 a thousand annual deceased in Iraq since the period of the American invasion in the one after 11 of September of 2001. However, we do not apercebemos in them that the number of deaths in the transit in Brazil is superior and very the war of Iraq. They is esteem that approximately 25 a thousand people enter every year in death in function of accidents in the transit, being that the accidents in state and federal highways answer for the biggest slice of number. Until approximately the decade of 1980, we had in Brazil some few highways that unhappyly were known by the great number of accidents in occurred them. But in the present time, thus called Highways of the Death if? they had multiplied? of frightful form. Logically that we must consider the increase of the same flow of vehicles and the imprudence on the part of some drivers, but the factor that preponders on the majority of the fatalities in these highways is still the lack of conservation of the same ones. A country as Brazil, with continental dimensions already would have much time, to have developed a project of intermodal transports, where the railroads and the hidrovias had more investments, so that the same ones could? to disencumber? I transit it in the highways.

But projects thus are elencados in electoral campaigns for the most diverse candidates, for the most different partisan acronyms, and to the end, simply they are forgotten. Intention porm is not here to argue the advantages and disadvantages of the Railroad and the Hidrovia and yes the necessary investments? urgent? for the highways, since to reorganize the transport in Brazil, she would be necessary of time and alliance between the civil and governmental society for such enterprise. The Center-South (englobando the South, Southeastern region and part of the Center-West) for describing? center? economic of Brazil it faces problems we serssimos with its Highways. The conserved highways are few and for them automobiles and great number of trucks pass through daily heavy that they carry the agricultural and industrial production from the country. It is fact that these few highways do not water down much time Are of first urgency the duplication of the Brazilian highways; so that let us not can depend on pedagiadas highways. Well well-taken care of highways more represent an incentive for the development of the Brazilian economy as well as the preservation of lives that is most important of everything.

Conserved highways would be the certainty to be able in the next holiday? to go down? them beaches and to know that we will come back to the one safe. In short my expensive readers; let us make our part stops with the national Highways through our vote in 03 of October as well as always let us continue charging and demanding the maintenance of our roads and highways and waiting who he knows in the future a system of intermodal transports where the term Highways of the Death had not passed of a sad past, but a past in the history of the development of Brazil and all we. He says not to? Highways of the Death.