Social Wealth

The deterioration of the quality of people’s lives improved while industrialized countries in bad developing so-called deteriorate, it must be why so they call them. The reality is we all know because, just that very few do something to resolve it, there is not a clear direction of the course to be taken our underdeveloped nations who live only for two things: 1. defend themselves from poverty, crime, guerrilla, etc. 2. Enrich the industrialized. Makes really sad to see how countries live off others without any pain, see how we saqueamos what little is left to those Nations that provide us with food and cheap labor, rather than unite and close ranks to prevent hunger in the world, Yes, cheap because we don’t have clarity that if something happens to themto us we also affects our economy.

Corporate Social responsibility is part of the answer to this issue so thorny, if enterprises are beginning to understand that we are part of the same world, the same universe, We can solve part of the problem. If they contribute to the well-being of those Nations, of these vulnerable populations, improving wages, improving recruitment and hiring more people in their companies, their income will automatically improve and social investment would be much higher. I’ve noticed that lately large millionaires and billionaires have given part of their fortunes to that end, they will realize that soon their companies will be even more rich and powerful thanks to that gesture. It is very simple and anyone can understand it, do not need large math to do so, if 65% of the population that today is unable to buy certain products access, improves their income and makes it, immediately production rises, employment goes up, quality of life goes up, reaching levels that are unimaginable, just stop fighting by cake that Yes can buy and generate wealth to those who today can not buy their products, the result will soon be increasing their profits. If achieved only a 10% increase in the people purchasing power, reduce hunger in the world, at least by 30% if we increase to 20% that purchasing power, we would end up with hunger in the world and these people who run companies would have 20% more income in their companies, States would have better income to pay their debts and improving housing, education and infrastructure, only you can imagine what could happen if this understood it medium and large employers who only want profits for them. Understand that companies are for the service of humanity is complicated, but we must make the effort to achieve it, they provide a service to society and that service must generate value and must generate wealth, among more, better in the capitalist system. I propose a social capitalist system, where a small part of that capital is redistributed in a very special manner between the population that helps generate that wealth, that businessman speak buyer, buyers, because without them it wouldn’t be possible to traders and industrialists they obtain that wealth.

Only redistribute differently from the present a small part of that wealth to generate you turn more sales, more wealth and that instead of only climb on the social pyramid lower a percentage ending hunger. Go back to those people, compulsive buyers in their companies, only in companies committed to end hunger program. Put an end to the divide between rich and poor if possible and in less time than you imagine, only need your commitment and dedication.

Digital Invoice

Directive Soft announced the incorporation of electronic invoicing in Compiere ERP from the hand of the KSI Digital security company, company that recently has signed an agreement as a technological partner of Directive Soft. The Digital invoice arises from the need to manage, securely, the high number invoices and receipts associated with the business activity of a company, in the process of shipping and handling of documents. This company of Navarre, expert in safety management systems and specialized in encrypted digital, will provide all the necessary technical support to provide Compiere ERP solutions focusing on the security and protection. Thanks to this agreement, Directive Soft may offer customers of Compiere ERP integrated solutions with a contribution of maximum reliability and safety in the treatment of business documentation, ensuring implementations of maximum quality and total guarantee thanks to the high degree of technology offered by the services offered by both companies. Directive Soft shares the vision of KSI Digital Security, in its Search extend a culture of collaboration between ICT companies and free software organizations, that leverage and enhance the mutual products on security in information technology and communication.

Spain Information

The new DNI electronico looks very similar to the traditional, with the important novelty of the incorporation of a small integrated circuit or chip, which securely stores the information and processes it internally. Stands out by its possibilities and characteristics that define, among which it is worth highlighting: allows you to electronically certify the identity of a person with no margin of error, sign digitally providing the same validity as the handwritten, make purchases with signatures over the Internet, perform public procedures wherever you are and at any time, transfer safely among banking entities, ease of access to buildings, such as for example those working, safe use of our pc and videoconferencing with accreditation of identity by the interlocutor. The use of information and communication technologies will enable citizens to benefit and thus accelerate the implementation of the information society in Spain. On our website you may request, cites previous Dni Renew ID and appointment ID card by phone..

Corporate Reputation

The period of crisis that we are experiencing has to serve us to let us avail of all the weapons that we have to move forward and be able to highlight against the third party, which requires not only reinvent, but reviewing what we are doing and how we do it. It is not easy to rethink things when you believe that they are doing well, or at least are going fairly well; but take care of the image and take it as one of the main assets of value creation in businesses is almost an obligatory duty for the current market model. Corporate reputation, so fashionable now, should be considered from all possible aspects. Not only enough to have a good position in a search engine, or be able to go either to consumers or potential customers. One of the biggest challenges facing us is trust. And what is the role of the marketing face of this? We must associate the company values of trust, such as security, sustainability, tranquility and good doing, turning it into a competitive advantage.

An image clean and positive company can influence of direct and proportional way in sales. The democratization of new technologies does not give any kind of error margin in this regard. The role of marketing on many occasions has been sold to products and services offered for the sole purpose of generating profitability without perceiving the actual image that is transmitted or the opinions that poured the users as a result of the aggressiveness of the company. This is why Marketing currently tends, and should aim to focus on generating value and trust between social actors. All businesses need this exercise of self-assessment that has as a result a reengineering of the processes and a refocusing on the concept of business communication. Audea security of the information Ivan Ontanon Ramos Department Legal


Still if it can say of ability, deducing to be this the gradual potential of development and mobilization of the previous knowledge, to integrate knowledge and these to the reality, being been the service of what he is determined to make of it (component ethical). What it implies to think the proper aptitude to integrate capacities and to know and the ability of the knowledge to think on he himself, as Morin (apud AZEVEDO AND SOUZA, 2007). Of this form, to speech in ability, if it cannot leave of speaking in integration that suggests solidarity and complementaridade between diverse initially dissociados elements, through the construction of a translinguagem, tending one determined objective one. Thus, the ability is consolidated when the mobilization of the knowledge supplants the reflexiva attempt and incorporates established projects (PERRENOUD, 2001). In this manner, the integration if presents of different forms that can be: between knowledge at different moments; from detected necessities and of the possibility of some to know to elucidate and to integrate contents of others; between ideas that they need deepening in different dimensions and that they compose interests of distinct components of the public security, taking advantage a more solid understanding on estruturantes dimensions; around daily professional demands (op. cit). 2,5 Institucional evaluation the institution of the allied institucional evaluation to the strategical planning is primordial condition for effectiveness of the actions of the agencies of public security.

The inclusion of the quarrel of the direction of the existence of the institution in the society is one of estimated its. Also the knowledge produced on the institution is tool of citizenship and demand proper reflection on the practical one of evaluation (knowledge of the knowledge). In first place it must be clearly the object of the evaluation (hologramtico principle); the effect of the evaluation (recursivo principle) Cf. MORIN, 2003. As Azevedo and Souza (2007), the institucional evaluation exceeds the simple ones measured.

Total Economic Value

This dimension is related to the values of use that if they unfold in values of direct use or indirect use. The values of direct use can be related as insumos elementary schools as wood, resin, plants, etc.; the values of indirect use as amount of water to be recycled needing purificao, elimination of pollutants, etc. The author considers for the analysis of the operations Input/Output the insertion of the systematics of survey of costs known by Expenditure Based on Activities (Activity Based Costing ABC) where this systematics it is applied in the analysis of the operations inside of the chain of value of the company in the productive system. The ABC System, as it is called, presents characteristics that allow to determine with bigger easiness the costs related to the environment in a corporation. This implies, many times, that the corporation pass to adopt this systematics of expenditure, what it demands a change in all its structure of survey of costs, to be able with bigger easiness to get its ambient costs. CHOUINARD, ELLISON & RIDGEWAY (2011) complement that this process developed with the elaboration of an Index of Chain of Value (ICV) based in data covering some categories of use as the use of the land, water, energy, carbon, etc. generates an evaluation, that in the comparison with other products where these aspects are not considered, can offer solutions for the mitigao of the ambient impacts. They are changes that demand alterations in the standards and the boardings of the corporations. In its work, CHOUINARD, ELLISON & RIDGEWAY (2011) Apud. PEARCE (1992) present that the ambient valuation can also be established by the Total Economic Value (Total Economic Value TEV) that it is the somatrio of the value of use, indirect right-hander and; of the value of option; of the value of not use value of existence and value of legacy.

Document Fact

In fact, the least since Vatican Conclio II, the idea of a renewed evangelizadora action, that if it obtains to make efficient in some cultures, gains new breath and the Church translates, through it, also, a renewal of its commitment of faith and evangelizao. Obviously this trend searchs to flood the Church of a deep sense of respect for the diverse cultures, without opening hand of the fact of that the Truth is possible of being announced in all they. After half century of Conclio, none of these ideas would have to be newness in the seio of the same Church and the important Document reading as ' ' Gaudium et Spes' ' already if it would have to incorporate in daily of the ministers and the lay fidiciary offices. The fact is that the ways of the people of God if had not given so well of this form and the crooked roads that had followed the same in half century, became urgent the idea to rethink the evangelizadora action in the world and the ways that the proper Church followed. On the other hand, the societies, especially of spirit ocidentalizado, had tried deep changes in its way of economic, scientific production and same in social relations, in special, the affective relations. Although the world has obtained advances technician never before seen, it has attended the incredible possibilities as space trips and transplants of agencies, for example, such had not been enough to extinguish the injustice and the lack of fraternity between the men. In this meantime, the necessity of an incarnate Church, audible voice to all, became each more urgent time, in the measure where this necessity if reflected inside of the proper Church. Under the light of Conclio and guided by the Spirit, in times of deep atribulaes, the faith catholic searched answers to these difficulties, of where expressions, people and documents had appeared that had allowed seno to give handle to as many questions, the least to reencontrar the hlito of the Creator to blow in its seio.


The playful activities make possible incorporation of values, cultural development, assimilation of new knowledge, development of the sociability and the creativity. For intermediary of the playful one, the child finds the balance between the Real and the imaginary one, offers the chance of development in pleasant way. To play is a creative act. When listening looks at itself for the child its reasonings, or observes its behaviors, if she can notice that all its life is illuminated by the playful one. 2.3 Methodology of research.

For the accomplishment of this work I used the qualitative boarding, of descriptive form, giving to emphasis to the studies of the social phenomena, already the research, under the procedural perspective will consist in a case study where both the involved ones in the research will be searching the understanding of what it is happening in one I specify surrounding. I used interviews and comments, where the related interviews half-had been structuralized, that they could be modified and be adjusted to the reality of where it will be if materialize the research, already the comments had been directed/systematic, therefore they had as base a preset script, that could come to be adjusted and/or to be extended in elapsing of the same ones. According to Szymanski, reflexiva interview is: ' ' (…) a situation of intersubjetivas exchanges (…) what it characterizes this type of interview is the disposal of the researcher continuously to share its understanding with of the data with participante.' ' (2004, p.7). Carried through the interviews and the comments leaving of the collected and analyzed data, I think, thus to be contributing with information and clarifications on the subject, going beyond the academic universe. Being thus, all the process of development of the research if gave with the participation of all, and in all the moments, of the initial stage until the final stage.