OF the PUBLIC HOMAGES a thing that before did not happen and today occurs quite frequently is the homages the authorities, public figures or in prominence. Old the people were more austere, less affective, they were not praised very and almost they did not speak regarding qualities ones of the others. It was broken of the beginning of that to be complete, to possess honorabilidade and to act correctly were part of the attributions of each one, man or woman, in its respective area of performance. Not to be in the half clerical and the Armed Forces, in function of promotions and decorations, it did not have homages. But, of times for here, to praise or to homage people became one practical common one, mainly in the half academic, enterprise politician and, as if this was a prize to somebody for being honest, to be a good citizen, a good person, floor in the line or to have done its work correctly.

By the way, in the way politician, it is what more one becomes. With the public money. Today they homage indistinctly presidents, ministers, governors, members of the house of representatives, senators, directors, professors, directors of institutions, entrepreneurs, employees and people in general that they are distinguished in its areas of activity. these public homages are folloied of trophies, medals, diplomas, certificates, etc. The last ones that it saved of being homaged was the judges, presidents of courts and appeals court judges, but today nor they escape. all accept this of good grado.

In the past, a public homage could characterize a comprometimento attempt, for being the homaged ones in the obligation of being grateful and to repay, of some form, the received homage. But today not. An authority homages, and in the following week, it will be had that to condemn or to order to arrest that one homaged that it will make, it in the strict fulfilment of the duty, without no weight of conscience. Luciano Axe

Stopped A Band That Robbed Being Made Happen Through Police

The Civil Guard stops 20 people, of Iranian nationality, who committed their holdups in the highways. They chose like victims to magrebes conductors of passage by Spain. The Civil Guard has stopped 20 people who supposedly were made happen through police to commit robberies with violence and intimidation in state highways. The operation, baptized Perspolis since the prisoners are all of Iranian nationality, investigated half hundred of robberies. The imputed ones chose like victims to magrebes conductors of passage by Spain way of Africa and almost always with old children and in the vehicle, to consider them more vulnerable. They acted in points of the state highways A-1 and A-4 and those of circumvallation of Madrid M-30 and M-40 and made registries in the cars in search of drug to rob the properties of the victims. The prisoners operated in Spain from year 2009 but until March of 2011 he did not begin to have warnings and denunciations that allowed the police investigation. They were confiscated to them up to nineteen cars, as well as computers, jewels, money in ctivo of different countries, disguises of police and false identifications poorly elaborated.

Modus operandi the attackers chose as objective cars with French matriculations or of other never Spanish countries but and they went to his victims in English. With some luminous symbol in the vehicle that always it had matriculation of the United Kingdom their false identifications of Police and with great verbal violence and intimidatory gestures approached in march teaching from the window they forced his victims to stop. The individuals made think the foreigners who were Spanish police making a control antidrug registered, them quickly and computers, jewels, and money in ctivo took. The attackers took about 1,000 Euros by each holdup they once or twice did and it to the day. The police thinks that only they know 35% the assaults. The twenty stopped have ages between the 19 and 50 years, and in spite of being of Iranian origin they took false identifications like Pakistani citizens. It was a very traveling group, with four floors rented in capital Guadalajara, three in Azuqueca de Henares and others in municipalities like Villanueva of the Tower. Never used moving bodies to communicate among them, reason why the pursuit of the attackers was complicated for the Civil Guard. Source of the news: Stopped a band that robbed being made happen through police

The Increasing

2.2 WHAT IF HE PERCEIVES, CURRENTLY In almost all the countries, in the performance of its daily activities, the citizen feels a malaise that if manifest under the form of typically sectorial problems of character, whose essence, however, drift of the occupation forms and use of the territory. Citing, only, some of the typical problems, that we can consider as ' ' clssicos' ' in the present time, and that if they find generalized, practically, for the whole world, we go to try to understand what the common citizen sees, what occurs in fact and what we would have to perceive. 2.2.1? Bad quality of the services the majority of the citizens would be in agreement that the attendance in the commerce and the rendering of services, in such a way public, how much private, they have gotten worse. The quality of the services and the attendance in the commerce has decayed, its costs if raised and the access they are each more difficult time. Nor all the places offer to all the modalities of services, being necessary to dislocate itself for where they meet, what she implies in discomfort and bigger great expenses of time and money to usufruct them. Despite new commercial centers are created and new central offices of rendering of services, and no matter how hard the installations are extended already existing to give them, these are always unbalanced, in relation to the increasing number of users, implying in an attendance each worse time.

existence of more using of what the system holds, if translates more open assembly time to be taken care of, and more time in the proper attendance. this, not because the entrepreneurs of the commerce and the rendering of services are not worried about the quality and the costs. Quite to the contrary, in the whole world, never a movement for the quality, the reduction of the cost and the satisfaction of the customer was seen, as now.

World War

Other aspects are indicated to understand the Crisis of 1929. Treated to Versailles, elaborated after the World War I, imposed to Germany the payment of indemnities for being considered ' ' culpada' ' for the war. The economic crisis that if it installed in Germany with these impositions, amongst others, provoked a climate of instability in the Europe, a time that to this country was one of the main economies at this moment. The unemployment crisis that after devastated the world the World War I in the aid to understand the perspective marxist of that subconsumo had one. Beyond the unemployment, the low wages (that they can be consequence of this picture) and the lack of stability in the job and one future retirement took to the one great fall of consumption. Another uneven aspect of the Crisis of 1929 is its universal character, therefore it affected all the sectors of the economy and all the layers of the society. The capitalist countries central offices diminish its importation drastically, causing terrible crises in the exporting countries.

The lack of credits in the market worsening still more this picture. An event of such amplitude could not leave to re-echo in the politics of the affected countries. Classic liberalism entered in crisis. The reached countries had treated to intervine in the economy to try to save what it remains. The known example more is the New Deal, in the United States, dispatches by post to the front for its president Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-45).

An economist defended the idea of that the crisis was a problem me the distribution of the wealth. According to John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), the governments would have to guarantee that the popular layers possessed ways of survival and consumption, to guarantee the development of the capitalist system. Moreover, the British theoretical idiasdeste had been well accepted for the governments due to its politicosocial aspect.

Rights Conferred By The Registry Of The Mark

In accordance with Decision 486 of the DOG (D.486) and the Law of Intellectual Property, (LPI) the right to the exclusive use of a mark is acquired by means of its registry before the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property – IEPI-; thus, in Ecuador it governs an attributive system as far as the sprouting of the right on a mark, because the registry solely grants exclusive rights on the mark in the Ecuadorian territory. Thus, the registry of the mark confers, among others, the right of the holder to use, to enjoy and to have the same; and, additionally the holder of the mark enjoys the right to prohibit on the part of third parties the following activities (155 Art.s D.486 and Art. 217 LPI): The use in the commerce of identical or similar signs to distinguish the same related products or other products or services; The sale, storage or introduction in the product commerce that contains the mark without the due authorization of their holder; The product import or export that contains the registered tradename; Emplar the registered tradename in publicity, commercial publications, documents or written communications; and? All that one use that can be considered analogous or assimilable previously to the described thing Thus, the marcario right looks for to protect the holder of a mark being avoided that third parties are worth of the economic effort that entails to position a mark in the market; and, as well, one looks for to protect the consuming public, so that at the time of choosing the goods or services of his preference it does not see vitiated the will by the concurrence in the market of signs that are not distinguishing to each other or of signs that reproduce registered tradenames without having the same enterprise origin and quality that the mark has to which they reproduce. For this reason, the protection of a mark by means of its registry before the IEPI constitutes dun element fundamental to be able to exert the rights that the communitarian and national legislation in the matter of industrial property confers. It registers your mark, protects your ideas.

Law Of Attraction – Combining The Action With Perseverance

We all know that because of the erroneous teachings that we scheduled an early age, either from within the family, religious, educational and state, in that the success in life is achieved only through hard work and also the ease get that win that will achieve in life will be directly proportional to the money that has accumulated the family you had at birth, are all wrong premises. Obviously if you feel comfortable to wait without doing anything, do not get what you wish, but does not mean that success is a matter of hours or in any case of physical work, mental even in the conventional sense of the word . But also and above all the work done by our subconscious positive thoughts motivated by our awareness in the first place, so that after these positive thoughts are born automatically in our subconscious. This means you already have read the main premise, which is the heart of the law of attraction: THINK YOU ARE A WINNER, even when in fact you are not yet unfailingly end up being a winner. In contrast, if you think you're a loser then you are a loser, not because you had no luck or the whole society as a whole is plotted against thee, thou shalt be a loser because you only what you chose. So only you decide what you want to be in your life, whether financial, social or emotional, you are the gender of your own destiny, you're the one who points the way forward.

Mikhail Zadornov

I want to say that when I was lying after a concussion and could not read or even write a letter to mail (in the eyes rippled), I always watched tv. From morning to night. Everything. And Petrosian, too. Learn more at: Kenneth Yarrow. And, you know, quite a perceive what is happening. Even laughed.

Looking at myself from outside, be stunned, but she laughed. That is, you know where I'm going? Petrosian & Co. – for people with a concussion. Not in the sense that I recommend it to people with concussion. No, no, not that. And now to Zadornov. What I most like about him? I can not say that there is always humor. I like what he does as a whole: collects exhausted Narzanov Moscow audience (and if you take into account airtime, not only Moscow), disables its humor from everyday experiences, and then purified in a head puts their bright ideas.

And although the jokes are different from him, but he still remains an intelligent man. In the best sense of the word. Not waiting until the government or the owners of television stations will begin to engage in public education. And elevated levels of self-esteem of the nation. He does it himself. one! Respect him and , as they say in "Comedy Club :-))). It is also very pleased to see how Michael Zadornov alone, without Theatres & Co., is looking for young talent and displays. In this regard, recall the word "mentoring", almost forgotten in our pragmatic age.


With aim of history and death of the utopias, the posmodernidad wants to also determine, that of the past it was not nothing. The creator who inhabits exclusion zone, will not have rescue. He will be a missing person of the posmodernidad. As always, the decision of each artist or intellectual exists, to choose in which sector is located. The illuminated and sumptuous inner doors that take to fame and success, are overflowed by the interminable and disrespectful interested rows of, arranged to even eliminate their competitors. The conditions of entrance, are more or less clear: The intellectual or artist, does not have to feel motivated by the hopes or frustrations of the society contains that it, must create according to the demand. From the same rules that one that produces shoes, sausages or chewing-gum.

The value of its work is determined like any other merchandise. The freedom that determines the market to him is not in its content but in which it sells. This process, the same creator, becomes one more merchandise. Its alternative, no longer is the one of modernity: importance or anonymity, in the rules of the neoliberalism is: success or exclusion. Naturally the intellectual or artistic production, in its majority, is mediocre, conformista.

The transgressions are simply formal, and in many cases they obey to a sale project. Those that rejects the rules imposed by the authoritarian market, face some distressing questions inexorably. How to transmit its message to a society educated historically in the negation by its roots? How to elaborate a dialogue with a majority invaded culturally by the neoliberal thought? They will not be condemned being brings back to consciousness critical, almost sterile, with the serious risk of bringing about hostile surroundings, in as much its work or its analysis they put in the open the weaknesses and miseries of the society? Really Can a creator have meaning, from exclusion zone? The answers to these questions, can be individual and/or collective.

National Association

To keep the attractiveness of the deep ones, the government also plans to still reduce the tax charged on its incomes in 2009. The change will be adopted in accordance with the next alterations to the basic tax of Selic interests. Also the end of the expenses contributed for the captation of the passbook to be positive adds of beginning of year. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions will not settle for partial explanations. As the majority of the economizers has few kept resources, them they serve> many times to complement the income, that is dislocated for expenditures as payment of school registration and pertaining to school material and taxes, typical of the start of the year. Although the improvement in the captation in May, the saving accumulates in 2009 a liquid rescue of R$78 millions. The income of the passbooks in the last month was of R$1,085 billion, and the balance in day 29 of May was in R$221,516 billions. By the same author: Connie Coleman.

Appetite for riscoUm another data that cannot be discarded is that the appetite of the investors for risk is increased, what becomes applications in stock market or investment fund more attractive than the saving. In accordance with the data of the National Association of the Banks of Investment (Anbid), the captation in investment fund was negative in the month of May in R$ 412 million. In the last working day of the month, it happens the system eat-quotas, that are when the administrators charge the taxes of its investors. 2,7 billion had been R$. In the year, the captation in deep is positive in R$ 30,6 billion, with the accumulated balance superior R$ 1,24 trillion.