Newcom Communication

The corporative communication is one of the points that the information society, an own concept of century XX from years 80, along with the news agencies, determine the informative commitment and of services of the Newcom page Communication. A service of high standards of quality has this company that improves the processes of both communicative factors, as much the one of the interaction inside and outside the corporations like in the massive centers of spreading of the news. In the world of the public relations, to obtain an affinity in the communication of corporations is a successful method of connection. Equal happens when the informative agencies of the general news do not know certain key points at the time of assuring their permanence. For example, so that the distribution of the information is more effective, in the first place it is necessary to consider the sectorisation. This means to know defined clearly to what target is sending the message.

It is impossible or very difficult to assimilate that an informed or informative segment is the same for all the layers. This without considering that in all the fields of the society people with different levels exist from saberes and personal understanding. Besides the previous thing, it is necessary to analyze, with the greater possible rigor without falling in the destructive critic, the content of the message. She is written in a language that is understood by the majority of the people? He is sufficiently extensive or sufficiently brief? What to do in case, for example, that the people to whom the message goes to them they have a physical limitation? If it has listened to sometimes that if it needs to know how clearly it is a written message reads it to the woman in charge of the red ones and if understands she it is successful, it will know of what we spoke. Retaking the corporative communication, it is clear that sometimes serious disadvantages as much in the generation as in the distribution of the messages appear. For that reason, many people think that in this factor, they see as it so simple to define, are 90% of the success of a company of the informative sector or any other nature that it wants to position an idea or a concept. ecordemos that it devises are a potential solution to a problem, whereas a concept is a particular glance to a general subject. In other words the idea is a potential action whereas the concept is kinetic. It increases synergies of his communicative processes; it integrates cautious and saberes within a successful communicative strategy; it learns every day different ways to disclose his points of view without the battle area influences in the determination to make it with Newcom Communication. The corporative communication is an important subject that it merits the professionalized attention more, from a company that counts on the experience and the resources to carry out more interesting the communicative processes, and also the news agencies will discover new sources of great cooperation by far interest and power of assimilation.

Corporative Education

Today it was I resell some works made during the college and found interesting to share with vocs one of them on corporative education. Good reading, until next post: The corporative Education consists of a process of perfectioning and update of knowledge, aiming at to improve the qualification technique and professional, according to Mundium (2002; 63). It is a type of permanent, continuous education and that it turns around one same nucleus of concern: the development of the company. This concept of training was born in the decade of 80, in the United States, where it is practised for more than 2 a thousand companies. In Brazil this number is well more modest, but it went up of 10 for 170 in the last decade. The example of multinationals as the SIEMENS, that it searchs to enable and to develop its body of professionals and still to improve the productivity and the quality of the services.

The main objective of the corporative Education is to prevent that the professional if outdates professionally in the technique, cultural and, and loses its capacity of to exert the profession with ability and efficiency, being caused disreputation to the profession and leaving the professional with incapacity sensation. Belief exists in organizations Brazilian of that the people alone give to importance to the external factors and not to the content of the proper work carried through, that characterizes, for its time the motivation. Of this form, one program of corporative education must not only take care of to the external factors of satisfaction in relation to the process of learning inside of the company, with also finding and adopting organizacionais and educational resources capable not to suffocate inherent the motivacionais forces to the proper people, but yes to motivate them. Corporative education Until the decade of 80, the continued education was an academic exclusiveness, for a privileged group of people that presented conditions of if bringing up to date. Currently the continued education is not plus an academic exclusiveness, but an imposition of the market of work, motivated mainly for the technological and economic changes, therefore it only leaves of being also to be incorporated update as requalification concept. The companies are optimizing the time and reducing the costs through the corporative Education. The challenge biggest is to create an education environment in which all employee of the company it understands the importance of the continuous learning tied the enterprise goals. Because the great majority is accustomed with the process of beginning, way and end, where the pupil if form and stop to learn. But the corporative university encourages to the fight for the continuity of our qualifications during all our professional life.

Corporative Social

Corporative Social nets the corporative social nets are an innovative scene of web 2.0? used term to describe the second generation of the World Wide Web, trend that strengthens the virtual concept of exchange of information and contribution of internautas with sites and services. They are platforms on-line that people with interest in definitive company, mark or group add. In these nets it is possible that the production and distribution of content are made by any person, of any place of the world. To invest in corporative social nets mainly means to center the production of content related to the company or the group.

Street-vendor (2010) explains that the importance to adopt a corporative social net for its company is an innovation form placing the available company for the consumers and employees aiming at an investment in new format that brings returns for the mark, this, it detaches four important factors: Contribution, Visibility, internal Integration, Enrollment with the public. The contribution makes possible the correction of errors, the complementation of ideas and the insertion of new information on the company making possible the interaction between the members, basic for the enrollment and the production of content, the meeting of the employees of a company in a proper social net and the possibility of generation of content for internautas are strategies that assure greater visibility to the mark. It sees in the internal Integration by means of the social nets the best way that the employees of the company have knowledge on the mark and the organization. in the Enrollment with the public, the corporative social net makes possible the interaction between people. If the net will be opened, the connection could be established between different niches of customers, consumers and of the too much members. The interaction enters the users can still be facilitated by means of applicatory of the proper net.

Corporative Video

The one of the limitation of space has happened to be a relative concept and protagonist like was not until recently. For this reason every time they are plus the companies that choose to hang corporative videos in their vestibule Web. To all it turns out more comfortable to see real images to us in movement and to listen to a voice that explains the origins, services and motivations to us of a company, before to pass to us than 10 minutes reading more the same text content. In summary, And-Video is a format that multiplies the capacity of communication of our space Web, since in a same vestibule more information and of much more effective way can be transmitted. Additional information at Kenneth Yarrow supports this article. In Audio-visual Factory we considered that the message of And-Video, or corporative video for Web, must be concise, and clear to go to the grain. The internaut is customary to move simultaneously by several pages and to remain in each of them an average of time inferior to the minute, for this reason, if we want to catch its attention, will be necessary to plan the efficiency of our video: creating audio-visual of short duration, that includes the maximum information, that this one is narrated of direct and simple way, and that plays with the images so that they are really attractive.

Another one of the tendencies that begin to prevail between the spaces Web over many companies is the creation of television channels online. The company can have different television channels, organized based on different products or services that offer and, in this way, to become emitter of a information constantly updated, of the news of its sector, new features in its services or until of messages deprived to clients, suppliers or employees. These channels require a continued edition work of contents, when being a video emission practically in direct, and few are still the producers able to give cover to this type of production. In Audio-visual Factory we like to be at your service of the day in audio-visual technology and for that reason we offer the continuous service of edition of audio-visual contents for channels of television online to our clients.

Modern Technology

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, has two centuries more than, the modern technology has radically increased or improved the production, the transports and communications in the whole world. During the period, the population world-wide human being grew more than of a billion for seven billion, and appeared a net of world-wide interconnection between the individuals. In the search for natural resources (foods, fuels and other raw materials) and for markets for the industrialized products, the corporations work, negotiate, collaborate and compete between itself, transform the culture and the environment through its structural power. Thus, this dynamics of action cause, at the same time, benefit for one determined group and a gamma of damages of diverse types for a great population mass. Word-key: globalization, structural power, to be able brando, companies multinationals. Abstract industrial Since revolution first days, to over two centuries ago, modern technology radically changed industrial production, transportation and communications all to over the world. During this teams, world population increased from one billion you seven billion people, and person it to you person world network appeared.

In to order of find natural resources and new markets will be to their products, corporations work hard, battle with to other corporations will be the market share, and change the culture and physical environment to after using to their structural to power. This action dynamics is responsible will be giving huge profits and benefits you the social a small group and big losses, of many kinds, you an immense population mass. Keywords: globalization, hard Power, soft Power, worldwide companies. Presentation a characteristic of the capitalism is the incessant search for new consuming markets. They are overcome, for example, the United States and the developed European nations: when if they deplete the natural resources, the possibilities of the raw material transformation are limited in finished product, or when it offers of industrialized products grows the point not to find purchasers, these nations (represented by its companies state or private) they start to long for the magnifying of the commerce through the conquest of new spaces in the globe.

Billiton Petroleum Corporation

Bond to remember that ECOPETROL owns a plan of investments for 2009 by an amount of US$ 6,224 million (35% more than in the 2008 and triple of the inverted thing in 2007), and will dedicate part of these resources to invest in Petro-Tech. In another one of the new features of the last days, ECOPETROL announced the increase of its participation in the Hard North blocks and the Strong South, in the Colombian Caribbean Sea. This increase in the participation takes place after an agreement with the Colombian subsidiary of BHP Billiton Petroleum Corporation (LSE: BLT; NYSE: BHP; JSE: BIBLT), that contemplates the allocation of 25% of the participation in both blocks of BHP Billiton for ECOPETROL. As a result of it, each company will have a participation of 50% on these blocks. These Hard North blocks and the Strong South correspond to contracts of the exploration and hydrocarbon operation, celebrated in April of 2006 by BHP Billiton and ECOPETROL with the National Agency of Hydrocarbons and to contracts of combined-arms operation celebrated by the parts in June of year 2007.

Both blocks, that they have approximated size of 954,050 hectares, coast outside in the Colombian Caribbean Sea is part of the located projects. Although in today the oil Colombian it had programmed to announce the results corresponding to the last trimester of 2008, this announcement was delayed for Tuesday 17 of February, although this delay responds to a smaller subject of conciliation of values. One of the produced facts of relevance in the last weeks is related to the modifications produced in the Code of Good Corporative Government. Although a smaller subject for some can be, these realised modifications tend to increase the transparency in the operating one of the company and its tie companies which represents an additional benefit for the investors, especially for the small ones, which the unfolding and projection of the oil one can monitor with greater facility.

HSBC Confection

Already HSBC was what it headed the list of the biggest tariffs (20 item), followed for the Bradesco (nine) and Banrisul (seven). As the study, 46 different readjustments had been identified, with index of maximum readjustment in the Banrisul (doubtful check leaf supply, of R$ 0,35 for R$ 1,50, or 328.6%), and minimum, in the Unibanco (DOC/TED, of R$ 8 for R$ 8,10 or 1.3%). Also between the packages and baskets of offered services, five banks had increased the prices (CEF, Banrisul, HSBC, Santander and Unibanco). The applied maximum readjustment was in the Banrisul (standardized package passed of R$ 8 for R$ 18,50, high of 131,25%) and the minimum, in the CEF (Special Package passed of R$ 21,50 for R$ 22, 2,33% increase). The survey showed, still, that it has a great variation between tariffs charged for the same services.

' ' In some banks, no tariff is charged by determined services (confection of I register in cadastre, certified check and identified deposit) while in other banks the same ones arrive to cost R$ 59' ' , it points the study. Therefore it is. It imagines to act in a market where its main product (in the case operations of credit) has the highest cost and the consumer does not have option not to be to buy of you. that, moreover, you still also can can charge of the customer basic services expensive that its company supplies (in the case the confection of one I register in cadastre, or the consultation of an extract). The State of Mines of 23 of April of 2009Site of the Incorporativa Magazine must be easy to be banker in the Brasil.BibliografiSite of the IDEC in 23 April of 2009Jornal of Brazil of 09 of May of 2009Jornal in 05 of May of 2009

International Architecture

Taking advantage of the update of to their webpage ABIBOO international Architecture is an study with headquarters in Madrid, New York and India. In its newly redesigned website they incorporated Think Tank, to space designed for the exchange of ideas, to live lab conceived for the continuous intellectual exploration of creative ideas that identify the new society of information. Think Tank incorporates to theoretical discussion, open and virtual, about ideas from within the professional and academic practice of ABIBOO Architectures team, along with reviews, interviews and presentations from to diver moment referents in multiple artistic you discipline. ABIBOO Architecture, therefore, opens spaces for others to share ideas and information. The objective that ABIBOO Architecture pursues with this space is to foster multidisciplinary collaborations and to give visibility to the work of passionate people, to whichever to their field of work, enriching AT the same architectural Time all the experience. International This platform seeks to create an community related to the art, technique and innovation that will allow sharing different resources through cascade systems that generate constant flowcharts of knowledge. From ABIBOO Architecture we commit to this way of working and it s applied in all the activities they perform, betting on internationalization, experimentation and the continuous search from different professional perspectives to maintain excellence and positive solutions to the needs of society and in the environment in which it operates. ABIBOO architectural Architecture prograpevines an innovative design which there are always been present in the international architecture that extends from the Inner Design and Furniture, to the Architectural design of many typologies, to the Landscape and Urban Design.

Corporative Government

The good practices of Corporative Government have acquired relevance from remembered corporative scandals (like for example, the Enron case), since the same help to increase the level of transparency in the companies, which limits the possibility of little clear operations in the same while it helps to protect the minority stockholders (ECOPETROL has 500,000 small shareholders). The improvement in the practices of Corporative Government will increase the attractiveness of the ECOPETROL actions while it will be beneficial in terms to harness the yield of the same. What its regular evolution can be perceived about ECOPETROL following is that the oil Colombian continues growing to good rate fulfilling her strategic plan of expansion. But that can imply it in the value of its actions? Although the ECOPETROL actions have one short life quoting in the stock market, the same have gained great attractive in stock-market a Colombian and at the moment it is focused to conquer the investors of the stock markets American. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions addresses the importance of the matter here. When the 2008 good rate of growth observed in the price of its actions impelled by the rise in the international price of petroleum not only passed but also by the growth undergone by the company, everything made anticipate that irremediably the value of the actions was going to surpass $ 3.000.

But the sudden change of panorama in which the submerged world-wide economy in a deep recession entered, changed the perspective of the oil one whose shareholding value jointly observed a strong loss with the collapse of the price of petroleum. In the last days and product of the good tie news to the company, the value of the actions quoted to the rise and in the day of they closed yesterday to $ 2,150 in the BVC. After to touch to its minimum the 27 of October of 2007 of $ 1,825, the ECOPETROL paper comes showing one slight one although constant positive tendency and already accumulates from that one date a rise of 17.8%. The perspective of the actions of ECOPETROL for this year are than positive more since to the continuity of the concretion of its projects of investment probably a recovery can take place (although smooth), in the quote of the price of petroleum towards aims of the present year. It is in this sense that would not be to be strange that the value of the ECOPETROL actions advances towards $ 3,000 although it is little probable that by this year can break this barrier. Anyway, considering the present value of the same, his margin to grow in a context where the numbers abound in red, it does not appear for far from negligible.

ABIBOO Architecture Incorporates

ABIBOO Architecture is an international study with you soothe in Madrid, New York and India. In his just released page Web it incorporates Think Tank, a space thought for the interchange of ideas, a conceived alive laboratory for the continuous intellectual exploration on creative ideas that they identify the new society of the information. Think Tank, incorporates theoretical, open and virtual a discussion on ideas arisen within the professional and academic practice from the equipment of ABIBOO Architecture, along with opinions, diverse interviews and dissertations of referring of the moment in multiple artistic disciplines. ABIBOO Architecture, therefore, abre their space to other people to share the ideas and the information. The objective that ABIBOO Architecture persecutes with this space of ideas is to foment the multidisciplinary collaborations, as well as to give visibility to the work of enthusiastic people, whatever their scope of work, enriching simultaneously all architectonic experience. This platform thus tries to generate one international community related to the art, the technique and the innovation that allows to share different resources by means of cascade systems which they generate constant flow charts of knowledge. From ABIBOO Architecture bet by this form of work is applied and it in all the activities that carry out, betting by the internationalization, the experimentation and the continuous search from different professional optical to maintain the positive excellence and solutions to the needs of the society and the Environment on which it is acted. ABIBOO Architecture offers innovating an architectonic design, that always has been present in its international architecture that includes from Diseo de Interiores and Mobiliario, happening through Architectonic Diseo of multitude of typologies, until the Urban design and of Landscape..