Sew Curtains Themselves

Catching up on sewing curtains for over 10 years. Not once was faced with shortage of information technology sewing curtains and swags. Most training courses put emphasis was on theory. So as a practical part of the course, the most costly. Recruitment, as problematic, a person must have practical experience. Explore technology sewing curtains on the books pretty hard. After analyzing the problem, I came to the conclusion that in the first place, should be a practical session.

In order to bring this practical part of lessons to students, were created by video courses, sewing curtains and swags. As well as a site where published articles and answers to frequently asked questions. In video Lessons are given an explanation on all issues and clearly shows all the points, as from the cutting of tissue, resulting in a finished product. Displaying it in practice. You turn on the film and from the comfort of home study, sewing. With lessons are set full size patterns, to build the classic soft lambrequin.

In the lessons are given all the explanations for working with patterns. All calculations of tissue. Video tutorials price much lower than comparable full-time courses in sewing. Additionally go pattern. Well, the fact of learning remotely comfortable. Usually after a week of work comes first photos via email. These defects, if any, and explain how their correct, I get a photo of a revised, usually more questions arise. That's the extramural studies sewing curtains, bedspreads, swags. From fishing on the responses of students, quite lucidly, especially since Some of the students on video courses have been to this traditional courses, and not learning how to sew. But now, many are taking orders and sew your own.

Artistic Forging

Art forging – is an art that has passed through the centuries. Use in any design of forged products allows us to emphasize the excellent taste and style of the owner. No way that does not help to decorate your home or garden as art forging. Intricate details of the elements attached to the interior of forging truly unique style. Wrought Iron creates an old-time classic in the house, emphasize individuality, originality and sophistication of subjects interior. Performed in a variety of artistic styles, forged products fit perfectly into any interior design or home site. Blacksmith has been known since ancient times. Today, thanks to the purchase of many centuries of experience, master blacksmith is made of metal works of art.

Among the forged products can be found forged fences, window grills, wrought iron gates, garden gates, as well as wrought-iron furniture, fireplaces and many other articles and items. Forged products are produced by hot and cold forging. In modern use of forged high-performance equipment: automatic anvil, welding and machine sweep, which allows a short period of time sufficient to produce large amounts of forged parts and components. This makes it more accessible forged a broad range of consumers. The high performance of modern equipment allows high-quality and in a short time to produce large amounts of forged products, making the price of the product available.

In the manufacture of forged products, a special technology of hardening of the metal. It makes them more resistant to weathering than conventional metallic material. Every day, the popularity of art forging ever-increasing. The popularity of the forging is greatly influenced by mass modern technology, because it is able to give artistic forging architecture houses a unique image of antiquity. Probably not that it's not able to decorate the facade of a wrought-iron balconies on the elements and wrought iron canopies. The use of design elements creates forged a unique image of the magnificent Middle Ages. A wrought iron railing on the stairs make the interior home truly aristocratic.

Executive Search

If a person is dissatisfied with something in the company, he always find a way to go. Recruiters only help him in this. On the other hand, some companies, managers have feared headhunters call, because this could be a provocation by the authorities, "a test of loyalty." This legacy historical development and serfdom, there are said to be only in the former Soviet Union. In the West, in this respect, more freedom. There is a culture of job search.

They are more open to change, easily move to work in other cities and countries. Western experts "should" change jobs every 3-4 years, "not to stagnate." They regularly go to the reception to a headhunter, as an advisor on his career. Naturally, there and we have the essential principle of "seduction" – confidentiality and no harm competitor. Of course, services are expensive headhunters. Typically, such agencies seek a fee of 25-33% of annual salary desired specialist. Given the fact that "valuable frame 'earning at least $ 2-5 thousand, the agency earned on them is also quite good.

The average fee, such as the Moscow branch of the global network of headhunting Ward Howell is 40000 euro, and maximum fee of up to one million dollars. In Kiev today will not work until a single representative of the international headhunting agencies, local agencies of 5.7 have positioned themselves as headhunting and a dozen of the leading recruitment agencies offer a service Executive Search, as an extra. "Victims" technology headhunting technology perfected in the West long ago and at first glance, is a big deal.

Attractions In France

France – a very interesting country with a rich history. For more than 2000 years of its existence on its territory occurred many important events, most of which are described in the books that we love from childhood (‘Cathedral Notre Dame ‘,’ Three Musketeers’). Above all, France is considered the world capital of fashion. And it is not surprising, because there Coco Chanel lived, radically changed the views on women’s fashion. List the sights Paris is very difficult, because it is in itself – a common sight.

The capital of France surprisingly combines the old and the supernova technology. But all the same select few that are worth visiting in any case. This council Notre Dame, the museum ‘Louvre’, Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. But the interesting sights are not only in Paris. Each village has its old houses, churches or ruins with its history, surrounded by legends.

In world history, France is playing a very important role. She gave birth to such great politicians like Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis XIV. What to say about famous artists: Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh. Today France gives the world a lot of wonderful actors. What are your favorite all Reshar Pierre, Zherer Depardieu, Louis Defenes. Films with the participation of all Russia knows it by heart. Think what a sensation among young people made ‘Fantomas’ immediately after his release in theaters. France has left its mark in Russia. In the XIX century, for example, was very fashionable among the nobility to speak French. Now, we can not imagine New Year without a salad, seasoned mayonnaise sauce. In general, France is very distinctive, unique country, which is the fount of tourist attractions.

Central Tasting Committee

On the degree of aging of wine is divided into ordinary, vintage and collectible. If you often go to restaurants or other city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, look at the proposed wine you can with a regular table wine to you issue for the vintage. Ordinary table wines – wines made without these long aging, but not earlier than three months after the grapes coming on wine. Ordinary wines are natural wines with not bad taste, but can not compete with vintage or collectible wines, so they do not have the special qualities of wine. Vintage wines – wines exposure duration of at least 18 months, with production of vintage wine made by special technology, which worked out for each brand of wines in particular.

Wine can be branded only after submission to the Central Tasting Committee. Vintage wines – a vintage wine with unmatched flavor and taste, which, after aging in casks are bottled and allowed to age for at least three years. The most popular among gourmets love and enjoy vintage wines aged well from 10 to 15 years. Term aging of red wine collectible experts define the so-called shirt (precipitate formed over the years at the bottom of the bottle), which indicates that the wine has long-term exposure and has high performance. Collectible and vintage wines are mostly vintage. Vintage – the wines produced from grapes given year. This is important factor for professionals and wine connoisseurs as the collection of grapes in a given year can vary strikingly climatic conditions that affect both the taste of grapes harvested, and for flavor and bouquet of the wine.

In color, all the wines are classified into red, white and pink. If you are going to spend an evening in which, or cafe Chelyabinsk, try to order food in harmony with the wine you like. Red wines – for their preparation using the so-called black grapes. Red wine is not served chilled, for full disclosure of its flavor the wine must be at room temperature, and a bottle of red wine open one hour before serving, the wine must "breathe". Only then can you appreciate the full flavor and taste of the drink. Good red wine has a brilliant ruby necessarily-red color. Red dry wine perfect in harmony with game, red meat and meat snacks. Taste of dry red wines are well interspersed with mild cheeses. White wines – made from grapes of light (green grapes, golden-yellow variety grapes), although sometimes these wines are both from the red grape varieties and from the blue-black. In order to get white wine from red and blue-black grapes, berries, pre-cleaned from the skin, which contains pigments inherent in these varieties. Dry white wines go well with seafood. In particular, they are served chilled with appetizers of fish, or with caviar. A good combination of turns and the main (hot) fish dishes. White wines, unlike red, served chilled to 10-12o C. Rose wines – made from a mixture of black and white grape varieties or cultivars of black only. Pink, dry wines are well in tune with the fish dishes, cold cuts, cheeses and mild game. Connoisseurs of advice: If you visit the cafe or restaurant, drink good wine like good wine consumption is beneficial to humans, it is natural to moderate amounts.


Well suited for off-season, when there stoked. The only drawback – the frequent use of 'rolled' (ie on the surface formed pellets). Linen fabric – the oldest. It was used in Ancient Egypt. Flax plant does not require special care, but here the traditional technology of manufacturing yarns from a very, very labor intensive. Nevertheless, of old masters achieved extraordinary quality linen products. Cloth turned out fine, but strong and socks, with a characteristic muted sheen.

Subsequently, when the hand weaving of the past, there were weaving textiles and flax began to make those tissues that we can buy today. In Europe, an expensive linen clothes belong to the class 'luxury', but in Russia linen is available and cheap. Silk – the most expensive and elegant material for bed linen. But it is different, and should pay more attention to its properties, then to not be disappointed. The highest quality, but also the most expensive silk – the Japanese. These fabrics are made exclusively by hand or by manufactures small family.

In Japan there are over 500 varieties of silk, bearing the beautiful names and manufactured throughout the country (by comparison, is common in Europe, only 4 species). When someone tells you to be careful with silk, because it slips, cools and forms a clue, it means only one thing: your partner had an affair with cheap material. Land of the Rising Sun has exceptional knowledge and experience in the manufacture of high quality silk, and such troubles can not happen with Japanese tissue.