Crisis Management:

On the subject of crisis management the first thing to do is have a real awareness of the value of corporate image for companies. Undoubtedly, a good reputation is the most valuable asset any company can have. More than buildings, more than their material, rather than their computers, the corporate image is what you value most in a company. What is the value of corporate image? Why is it so important to care for the corporate image? What are the benefits that a company generates a good corporate image? For the following reasons: A positive corporate image is a prerequisite for continuity and strategic success. A strong corporate image is an incentive to sell products and services. Help the company to hire the best employees, attracts investors, builds trust among internal and external audiences. A strong corporate image creates added value to a company and ensures it is one step ahead of their competitors.

A good image helps the company to attract the people necessary for its success: customers, partners and employees. But … what is the corporate image? An image is the set of meanings by which we come to know an object (enterprise) and through which people describe, remember and relate. It is the result of the interaction of beliefs, ideas, feelings and impressions about the company is a person (or group of persons). (Dowling, 1986).

The best defense against a crisis it is a good corporate reputation, crisis management which must be understood and accepted by the organization as a tool to achieve that corporate reputation. Today, many organizations (and many executives) let the public will eventually find out what they are and what they do, without worrying too much because this happens, just forget it: you look like you … Now try to generate picture not pretty enough to develop a logo, use electrifying colors and flood the media with slogans and catchy jingles. The best image is one that fully communicates the values and beliefs of our organization, that is, one that accurately reflects the characteristics of our organizational philosophy and culture. It is also one that adheres faithfully to the characteristics of our mission as a company and managed to tie what we do with what we say. In other words, the image should emanate directly from our identity. A company with good image is one where the best people want to work with suppliers who want to do business, where customers want to buy their products as these institutions enjoy good reputation, their values are recognized and reflected if the employees themselves To receive fortnightly articles and resources in your email about crisis management, subscribe for free from this link, or copy and paste it into your browser, subscribe to and start getting our newsletter today.

Quality Service and IT

Quality Service and Information Technology are two of the most exploited in the search and capture new customers in the corporate area to travel agents in Bolivia in the last two years. It is important to frame the corporate client as one who uses the services of a travel agency to plan and implement workplace travel and business itself. After the low gradual, but steady, the commission by the airlines and the development of FEE in return as an important element for the survival of travel agencies, had to justify to the client because the latter had to pay for a service that did not before, and that at some point came to be thought of as an unnecessary step for the achievement of an airline ticket, book a hotel, transfer and / or additional services that may be required; what led to abuse in emphasis within the business proposals, quality of service and technology information. Despite being a factor exploited to capture the customer, in relation to information technology is actually very little work, still very poor so you can offer clients as a value-added aspects of fluid communication through web, extranet, mobile telephony, among others, allowing easier and faster to provision of services. Another aspect to consider is the unreliability that has the customer in the technological tools and the little friends I still have these channels of communication. Still, and though they had done a better job in the technology of information, this is just a complement to the most important factor for a client, Quality Service.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR )

The refers to a set of responsibilities and links with any organization or nonprofit acquires with employees and with customers assigned to a particular entity. CSR is also known as requires full knowledge of labor rights, contractual situations, the positioning of services in a given area. And in this regard, there is an email address that has all the facilities to explain both directly involved as curious and / or students of the subject, everything involved with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Like so many organizations and managers need for effective online counseling as well as a virtual exhibition of these facilities, is always ready. Willing to you do not miss the great opportunity for the CSR does not pass through the cluster without you discover the benefits and profits that help manage both administrative and systematized.

Be aware that each company has a different structural organization, has several links to help you find the options that CSR is for your organization as well as basic information. Therefore, the frequently asked every customer or potential beneficiary wants to know about the topic, are properly explained. Many people believe that CSR is too complicated and is beyond the reach of his understanding, but has done a great content that addresses all the needs of seafarers. This is how this website works, talented updated. If it were a trivial issue, you would not expect from a control as it has provided, and also taking into account that the business news in their internal and external relationships need constant review . Because in this website is no such offer services, explanations and user guides that it is almost impossible not to feel good advice or at least backed by a quality listening on the Internet. Only need to take a general overview of the portfolio of services to understand what is spoken. Diagnostics business sector and Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning Manager, Implementation of SA 8000 standards and SGE 21; Development of Ethical Codes, Gender Studies, Sustainability Reporting, Integration of Social Action, Sustainability Ratings: SME Rating and Creating Environments Responsibility: Does Corporate Social Responsibility that are very cloth from which to cut and, above all, due to more ethical and structural principles that allows any organization as it relates to the work environment?

Tips For Making Videos

In the video producer Texel we bring our experience in conducting visual and share with our customers some advice when undertaking a project for a corporate video. A video product, a production process, or have an educational video designed to demonstrate the specific ability of a product, or reinforce the key points of a production process being usually focused on very specific technical aspects, processes, etc. For its part, a corporate video or businesses with the aim of attracting a large number of potential customers, which explains and demonstrates the competence and capacity of the company. A corporate video is often used in industrial fairs, trade visits, or delivered to potential customers, who want to learn more in detail the intricacies of the infrastructure company, or because they plan to major contracts or investments, because they know firsthand the company or because it is their first contact with it. The following tips apply for most corporate videos, product, or training institutions, as they relate to audiovisual language skills, but are specifically designed for a corporate video: 1 .- Think of a history. Tell a story.

Please. Take me on a tour. My mind is ready for the beginning, middle and end. Do not talk about your corporate numbers. Now I have Excel for that, thanks. 2 .- Think of one person. There is only one person that you should consider when designing a corporate video: the person (or the kind of people) who are you going to put the video, you will see. Your customers.

Please forget about trying to please the boss, the secretary or the union. Think of the customer. 3 .- Think of something short. A truly memorable story never goes long. We do not want viewers watching the clock and thinking about shrews. Catch and keep your audience attentive, also in your corporate video. 4 .- Truth Think. People are aware of half-truths, exaggerations and lies. Credibility sold. 5 .- Think of a good producer. Get the best video production company that can. Find a production company with enthusiasm, experience and clear thinking will be the final hit for a good corporate video. 6 .- Think of Emotion. “E” Emotion, Energy, Enthusiasm. The video reflects the emotion like no other medium. Use it. Leave your Digests, PDFs and figures away from your corporate video. Or as much essential uses sparingly. 7 .- Think of your current customers. Your updated Customers can also tell your story. Give the word and leaves it to them to speak well of you. Pundits appear as impartial and disinterested, and your corporate video much more poise. 8 .- Think of something casual. Does your corporate even casual sometime? Even companies have reserved some space for a fun time, human and carefree. Find the time and your corporate video will entice your audience. 9 .- Think 30. If your video Enterprise is long (which we discourage) changes the pace, message, music, content, every thirty seconds. It will make a 10-minute video looks 5. Separate them into chapters with new perspectives and ideas. 10 .- Think Design: The video is incredibly malleable. A large corporate video is different from a lot of design, in the headwaters, effects. Catch your audience, and offer a strong company image. The competition awaits! You see, there are many tricks. These and many more. Advantage of our experience and our expertise.

Corporate Code

In some cases the coding results in a consolidation after the legislation is for the right branch of study, which usually occurs when the body of law is not codified yet. Codes codes Romans were not properly reinforced, which served to make the right matures and evolves, however, in our time consolidation is sometimes used in conjunction with coding. For example if we gather in a single legislative body (which might be called the Code of the Company or Corporate Code) the main business rules without changing the content would be a process of consolidation. However, we must point out that almost all cases the consolidation has been surpassed by codification. 13.

When studying legal institutions is necessary to study legal figures like or reverse. In this regard need to discuss the decoding. Decoding is a process by which certain matters governed by a pass code to be regulated by other rules, for example by special laws. Therefore we can say that what happened with the Code of Commerce of Peru, 1902 has been one decoder, for some matters covered by the original text of the Code, and are not covered by the Code, but are regulated by special laws such as securities that are regulated by the Securities Act, and the companies that are regulated by the General Corporation Law, among other subjects. In this sense what has happened to the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 and the Peruvian Civil Code of 1993 have been decoding. For some authors are going through the age of decoding.

Changes in the Labor Market

– Changes in society: Traditionally, women have always been involved much less time in the profession than men. The main obstacle is the existence of deeply rooted social customs and gradually, over time, has been changing, and women will enter the world of work in a more regular basis. Factors contributing to this integration are: – Marriage at an older age. – Planning of motherhood. – Independence of the woman in the couple. – Increase in personal services, such as the school children. – Increased consumption. – Longer life expectancy.

These changes affect a greater availability of time by women and economic independence. – Changes in the labor market: The gradual diversification of the labor market and the increasingly vital role of specialization in order to meet certain needs are critical factors in the access of women in the workplace. Transformations that are occurring are derived the following consequences: – Women have demonstrated their ability, even when not has taken on a very high percentage. – Has increased women's professional competence. – There is an acceptance of women as a professional not only in unskilled jobs. Although women are increasingly better prepared, in practice, their access to the upper echelons of management of enterprises remains very difficult. The professional qualifications of women and their incorporation into the world of work have been a great social change. Both private companies and public administration are still mainly opting to hire men to positions of responsibility. A businesswoman who wants to complete a business project or a business, you must be aware that he must learn to cope in an environment unaccustomed to the presence of women.

Building Business Momentum

So – how can you build momentum and as a result avoid overflow? Eight ways how you can build Momentum 1. Act NOW Choose one thing that contributes to one of its objectives. Take immediate action and move. This means that it is postponed, there is no delay, and without delay. 2. Remember Stay Focused on your goals every day and concentrate on them. When you are distracted by something that is not directly in line with its objectives, ask yourself, “Why?” Identify how you will monitor distractions future and find ways to eliminate them.

3. Stay active Do something every day that will bring you closer to your goals. There has to be great – but if you too many days between the actions, the impetus has to reduce and eventually die. 4. Be decisive Nothing slows the momentum of more than indecision.

Decide as soon as possible and then take some immediate steps to support the decision – no matter how trivial it seems. 5. Being optimistic change can really occur at the time. If you are frustrated or discouraged, will undoubtedly be difficult to create momentum. But if you’re optimistic things will happen with more freedom and build momentum. 6. Create a flow resist If anything, definitely push block. Look proactively to the resistance and take the necessary measures to eliminate them. 7. Develop an Action Plan This plan need not be complicated. Only group 1 to 3 actions taken during the day (or week) to help you succeed. 8. Many entrepreneurs get help successful as Donald Trump, Michael Gerber and Chris Barrow, my business coach, for instance in its own way you have to have great attendance. Build a strong team of supporters to help you take care of things and help you do things faster and more efficient.